barenia, cuir a bride, vache naturelle

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  1. I am on the hunt and :thinking:
    Has anyone special ordered a birkin in any of these leathers lately? And has a birkin been made in cuir a bride?
    thank you comrades
  2. #2 Aug 24, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
    Have not seen a Birkin in cuir a bride. It is a very stiff, thick leather (bridle leather) and I am not sure it has enough flexibility to handle those multiple side folds well.
  3. no, i don't think it does - it would also be outrageously heavy.
  4. makes sense, thank you dq and Pepper
    Would a VN weight be comparable to barenia?

  5. VN is heavier than Barenia.
  6. I have a belt in cuir a bride. It is super super thick. I have never seen a bag made of this skin. It is also has a nap on the surface, not quite suede, but not as smooth as VN. It is aging well, turning a more Barenia shade. I love the H natural leathers.
  7. I've recently seen VN combined with Toile Gibiciere (olive canvas).
  8. yup, saw that too castorny.
    meantime i've given up on the 'saddle to carry the saddle' idea (cuir a bride HAC)!
    and due to the weight issue (of a 32 HAC) i'm now leaning more to barenia or possibly chamonix over VN, but in natural color, naturally ;)
  9. moi aussi, castorny. hook me up if you run across a 32 HAC?:search:
    p.s. i'd love to see that belt; it sounds lovely.
  10. That VN HAC is absolutely gorgeous!

    I agree that VN is slightly heavier than Barenia, but only lightly: I have both and you really can't feel the difference....
  11. i find 'cuir a bride' a misleading name - it's much thicker than the actual leather used to make bridles and is really like the leather they use for saddle flaps.

    in any case, the only bag i've seen made with it is the sac a sellier, which converts from a saddle bag to clip to the saddle, to backback or to shoulder bag. (when i first got this i thought it was vache natural, btw, but i was still learning my leathers.) and on that bag they did the sides - where it needs to be flexible - in peau porc (another DIVINE saddle leather).
  12. castorny i was :noggin: not smart enough to up my offer and someone else got it. maybe it wasn't meant to be; i just spent $7K on CDL's vintage kelly which, borrowing from a Herb Ritts photo I'm naming, "same ole croc"

    isn't it great to have the expertise of dressage queen brought in for us?

    well, VN and barenia (somewhere i read a rumor :confused1: that natural barenia isn't available for order anymore, whaddya know 'bout that people?) are on the back burner for now. but if i catch a spark of one, i'll probably catch fire. please KIT (keep in touch) :jammin:
  13. I see Barenia only in combination with toile. I also see it rarely in small accessories. Even at FSH, they told me Barenia is practically as hard to get as an exotic.