Barenia birkin is here!

  1. Barenia birkin pics as promised. :tup: It is as dreamy as it looks. I love it!! :heart: Thank you to the most wonderful eBay seller, you know who you are.
    Barenia-front.jpg Barenia-close.jpg Barenia-close2.jpg Barenia-side.jpg
  2. How gorgeous!!! Congratulations!
  3. Wow!! That's amazing, Pen. What is the official colour? Is it Havanne, Chocolate, Ebene?? It's gorgeous whatever it is!!
  4. So this is the mystical Barenia Birkin. It is beautiful!!! I can now appreciate why it is so coveted.
  5. Gorgeous bag. Does it smell heavenly?? The official color is chocolate and olive. Just LOVE the color. :drool:
  6. OMG!!!!!


    You are such a good girl for busting out the camera and taking pics so soon!!! May we also see the dreamy olive interior?? PLEASE??!

    Now, off you must rub rub rub and sniff sniff sniff for all of us!!!! Get that patina started right away!

    Carry her with joy and great health and happiness, Pen!!!!

    ETA: wow I am really bossy about barenia, arent I!!!!!
  7. wow!!! An all Bariena birkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How very rare!!!!!!

    It is beyond words, drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!

  8. WOW - Pen have been waiting for this beauty to show up! (like you haven't :p)

    It's gorgeous - rub that barenia baby... woo hoo

    Congrats :drinkup:
  9. Congrats! The bag is wonderful, so sought after and I can 100% see why!
    Thanks for posting!x
  10. olive interior.

    cb, it smells really good! :nuts:
  11. Many congratulations that is one special Birkin!
  12. Barenia,baby ;)

    Congrats all the way!!!!!!!!!
  13. thud :

    i am lying on the floor congrats my dear
  14. FAB FAB FAB!!!

    And lining is in vert fonce?? Fert feuillage? I love the combo! This is a unique birkin!
  15. Congrats on this beauty!!!
    Pen, if you get bored of her just send me over to me:graucho: