Barenia Birkin , Etoupe Birkin and a picotin!

  1. Hi All,
    Can I just thank - Heartsnaspade, claravi, loony, seton, encore hermes, happy4ever, alo0, abbyroad, hummingbird, roxane, laboheme, jancedtif, favorhermes, mizzle, ghost55, jag, jeno575, birkin123, bagluv, nola, aminamina, mrsbaglady, msreya, kelly_birkin, weekender2, PGN, kelly32, kelly200, licencetocook, allaboutnice and everyone else that looked at my new bags (its so weird for me to say 'my'):nuts:

    Please find below some more pictures!
    Specs - 35cm Barenia Birkin - Matte Pall Hardware and 35cm Etoupe Birkin - Pall Hardware and a little PM barenia picotin with red handles. I love them all:yes:

    I am full and content with H, I will continue to enjoy looking at all of your and soon to be your purchases. Thank you for putting up with me for so long and for allowing me to share.:flowers:
    Pict 001.jpg Pict 002.jpg Pict 003.jpg Pict 004.jpg Pict 005.jpg
  2. I love them...Your taste resembles mine..we are kindred sisters!:girlsigh::heart:
  3. Hi Just some more pictures,
    I will take some again and post in the ref section, I will do modelling shots when I drop 2 stone or 28kgs!
    Once again, thank you so much, the hermes section has become a haven for me and I am so glad that you all are here!:yes::heart:x
    Pict 006.jpg Pict 008.jpg Pict 009.jpg Pict 010.jpg Pict 007.jpg
  4. Thanks so much ghost55, I had to think hard about what would be able to last me for a while. Plus if my H2B sees any more Orange boxes soon, he would think about leaving me!Lol!!x
  5. I just love them all. I have the barenia Birkin in 35cm., the Etoupe in a 30cm., and the Picotin, in barenia no red. I wish I could have found the red handles, very pretty. We can be almost twins. Oh, I never tell my DH what I buy, just hide it all, doubt he'd notice anyway. Enjoy them all in good health.
  6. i love em all!
  7. Your collection is unbelievable!!! I can't believe the speed in which you acquired them all!!! Thank you for trying to quench my thirst for more pics full of eye candy!!
  8. Thanks so much Melliemom and Pazt!!! You ladies have such wonderful bags and I am so happy, I feel content!! My H2B bought me the Barenia - indirectly - it was my Christmas Present and I used part of it for that. So even though he needs to be turned he helped!Lol!x
  9. Thanks Kelly32, I now have a full stomach, it has stopped grumbling for H.X
  10. ^^ Can I get an order of what you just had?? Because now that I've started, I can't get enough!!!
  11. Congratulations! Amazing!:tup:
  12. SammyJoe, I'm so happy for you!! Yippeee!! (But floopy graphite is very sad that she is not on your messages anymore)
  13. *THUD*

    LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Congratulations! They are all gorgeous, but I especially love your Etoupe Birkin. I haven't even gotten my first Birkin yet, but I'm seriously thinking that Etoupe may be my second...

    It's really nice to hear someone sound so happy and content!
  15. These are stunning... I especially love the Barenia!