Barenia bag

  1. I absolutely adore Barenia leather,especially in natural, and would like to order a handbag. Does anyone know if this leather is available? Also, which style bag, in your opinion, makes the most of the beauty of Barenia? A Birkin or something else? Many thanks.
  2. ANY all-barenia bag is beautiful, but I particularly like them in more masculine designs, such as the Birkin or HAC. I have a natural barenia Trim II and I ADORE it!

    I think you'll struggle to get an all-barenia bag right now, except if you find one at a reseller. Bu t who knows in the future? They won't discontinue it, and it may be a few years again until production is up, but this is a leather worth waiting for.
  3. I hope Hermes will start making Barenia bags. I have an Evelyne PM in Crinoline/Barenia combo and I love it so much!
  4. Ahhh, barenia, barenia, dreamy and delicious. :girlsigh:

    I love it in all shapes and sizes but agree with GF; the Birkin and HAC really make this leather shine. I was fortunate enough to acquire one a few years ago and it is, to this day, my favorite H piece.
  5. side note: I have touched the men's barenia jackets (they are so expensive, more expensive than non-exotic birkins), it feels different, plastic-like, maybe they stretched the leather a lot?
  6. Thanks so much. So I will try to order one (a Birkin or HAC) and repare to wait 8 years!
  7. I just saw a barenia natural evelyn today. I think I will get it if the lady that has reserved it will not take it:yahoo:
  8. ^^^Oh, one of my grail bags!!!