barenia and fauve...not the same colour!!!!

  1. Finally.... (thanks to Cobaltoblue .....:flowers: )I can post this picture . I thought as many of you ,I'm sure, that barenia and fauve was actually the same colour. LOOK AT THIS....

    the bag on the left is a 30cm croco por. MATTE BARENIA

    the bag on the left is a 35cm croco por. MATTE FAUVE..
  2. Thanks!! Very interesting...
  3. Thanks for the picture. I was certainly wrong about this. I had seen both colors individually but not side by side.
    I like Barenia better. Sadly I think it has been replaced with Fauve.
    I had SO'd a Barenia matte croc Birkin and the order was cancelled with note that the color would not be available. Months later my SA told me Fauve was the same color, new name. Plus have you noticed many of the Fauve bags are alligator?
    Thanks very much for clearing this up !!!!!!!!!!
  4. they are all barenia...and the older one is natural barenia and the new is fauve barenia...but both are barenia.
  5. [​IMG]

    The one on the right is fauve???? The 35 cm????

    I like the color of the one on the left better. That is the original???
    Not that I am a croc girl, but I would like to clarify.
  6. and can someone make sure my statement above is correct?
  7. angel...could you just confirm which color goes with what? :heart::love:
    Thank you so much for sharing this pic with us!!!
  8. Thank you so much for posting!
  9. Sorry, but I do not understand your post.

    They are both matte croc, not barenia leather, and appear to be two different colors in the posted picture.

    There was a matte croc called color "barenia." It is not currently available.

    Very confusing as barenia usually refers to the leather, not a color, but it was a color of matte croc.
  10. You are correct the one on the right is fauve, the 35 cm.
  11. I know that the leather used to be natural barenia and now its fauve far as croc. I don't know.
  12. Thank you so much for the picture and details. I always wanted to know the difference too. :tup:

  13. This about sums up my understanding of the terminology. Agree that it is very confusing. Why they felt the need to use the term "barenia" to refer to a color (in this case) when it's also a kind of leather is beyond me.
  14. GG, do you mean that the old name for this color of croc is 'natural barenia' and the new name for this same color has simply been changed to 'fauve'?
  15. First of all, Yay you for getting a camera and what great pics. Thanks for the clarification.

    I am with those who like the matte barenia croc color better.

    Are you sure that the one on the left is Poro? It sorta looks looks more like Nilo to me for some reason. either way, they are both gorgeous and i wouldnt refuse either if offered.