Barenia/28 Kelly babes!!!!!!

  1. [​IMG]

    Well, here she is!
  2. Thanks for the tip. This bag is very interesting. The leather looks to be barenia, but this kelly doesn't have the usual contrast white stitching for natural barenia. Here's a pic of my 28cm barenia kelly with white stitching. I wonder if this is a special order.

  3. I'm no expert, but some of you watching are....what do you think? I wonder if the seller found this leather too difficult to look after....
  4. i think that is may be chamonix that has darkened--it looks a little stiff to be barenia
  5. The size looks actually like a 25 to me, not a 28.

    I agree with LTC about the contrast stitching. This bag is a bit odd but does look authentic.
    However I would never buy from a seller with 0 feedback.
  6. That could be it. Chamonix. I had the same impression about the stiffness and also the blindstamp on barenia looks different (it is also without colour but the impression looks quite different on barenia).
  7. I see all the usual suspects are viewing this now....I'm glad I found something to tempt you!!!
  8. I also have a 28cm natural chamonix kelly (kelly in front is natural chamonix; HAC at the back is natural barenia). The colour of my chamonix kelly is very different to the pic from the auction. My chamonix kelly also has the white contrast stitching. :confused1::confused1::confused1:

  9. What beautiful bags LTC.....Well, perhaps it was a special order then?
  10. I was pouring over things in reference and could not come up with anything. I don't think Chamonix either.
  11. My Barenia Birkin was made by the same craftsman, how funny! but it's 1 year older than this Kelly, it's an E....This does look a bit odd, maybe it's the picture taken from above....still, as Hello rightly says, I'd be a bit worried buying from a 0 feedback...

  12. Agree all the way 'round. That handle looks like the one used on a 25.
  13. LTC, when you come back online, perhaps you would be kind enough to post a pic of the H stamp on your barenia?
  14. How could a question be asked without giving the answer to the seller? Not was the stitching a special order, no. Was this bag a special order? If so, was it ordered with any special details? Maybe.