Barely Any Posts On Monday, Are We Getting Burned Out?

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  1. I was shocked that there was not much activity that a sign? or was it just a Monday?:confused1::shrugs:
  2. I posted today! I even started a new thread for the heck of it cause it was so dead around here lol. I hope everyone just had a "case of the Mondays" :P
  3. everyone is on a ban:ninja:
  4. :yes: For me it was the first day back at work after Spring Break, and i was pooped.
  5. ^ I'm there with you yvonne!

    This weekend was first weekend I had since I came back from spring break...but I had to do all this work to catch up on my slacking over the break! Haven't had much time for tPF, but I still always find time for a little lambing on the side :graucho:
  6. where is knasarae?
  7. I've been in the bed with a high fever and upper respiratory infection. This is the first chance I've felt good enough to do anything. And guess what was my first stop? :love:

    Aww, that's so sweet you guys were missing me!!! I see I have several threads to catch up on!
  8. aww I'm sorry knaz I hope you feel much better soon!:flowers:
  9. Recession?:s
  10. I was wondering where you were. I'm sorry you're sick, hope you feel better soon. :flowers: Looking at lamb always makes me feel better heehee.
  11. Yep my fever is gone and I got some good 'ol antibiotics today so I am feeling better. And then I saw that tee you posted Aurelia!!! Wooo-hoooo!!!
  12. Knaz I got worried when I didn't see you posting...I thought we lost you to a ban. :flowers:
  13. No, even on a ban I still can't stay away!!! And plus that adorable tee Aurelia posted can tide me over. :P

    yvalenz, what in the world does your avatar say? I can't read it. :shrugs:
  14. ^^I think it says "you are getting farty", it's on a very long thread in the general discussion forum.
  15. Lmao!!
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