Barefoot Dreams bathrobe

  1. Is anyone else in LOVE with these bathrobes? Ahh I want to buy another one, but I don't feel like dishing out another 150 for a bathrobe
  2. my bf bought me a barefoot dreams blanky and it is SO soft. honestly, it feels like heaven to sleep in. i would love a bathrobe!
  3. I have a Barefoot Dreams robe and I can't imagine ever buying another brand! It's amazingly soft! I got mine on sale at Nordstrom for $100 (either the Anniversary or Half Yearly).
  4. I love Barefoot dreams! I bought a blanket for a friend for her shower, I bought myself a robe and one for my sister. She loves hers too so we bought one for our mom and dad for Xmas. I got mine and my sister's at Norstrom Rack for a good deal although I can't recall how much.
    I too want to buy another one to keep in our vacation home but don't want to shell out the cash. I'm too afraid to buy on eBay because I hear that the ones that sell for less than retail are defective or have holes... Maybe Nord Rack will have them again someday.