50% off Rare Minerals Night Time Treatment until Sunday 7/19

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  1. I love my cosmetics and hope you do as well. If you like Bare Essentials stuff than you will appreciate this deal. Got a couple xtra coupons to sweeten the deal too.

    Night Time Treatment is 50% off until Sunday. Regular Price is $60...after coupon only $30.

    You can stack the following coupons:
    Coupon Code: REVIVAL 50% off the RM Night Treatment
    Coupon Code: PURE sample size of the moisturizer
    Coupon Code: NEWLASH sample of their new mascara and FREE SHIPPING!,38223,default,cp.html
  2. Thanks!! I've always wanted to try this.
  3. me too! i just ordered it. with free shipping and 2 samples, i couldn't resist. i figured i'd use it everyday for 1 week and then decide whether or not to return it to the nearest bare escentuals boutique.
  4. Oh, bummer! I just purchased the whole Rare Minerals set off of Sephora at full price! Oh well!

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. thxs