Bare Minerals VS Sheer Cover VS Everyday Minerals

  1. I've been using BareMinerals and it's starting to disappoint me. When i started to use it, i was so amazed at how good it looked. But then after a while, it made my skin look so badddddd!

    Now i'm wondering about Sheer Cover and Everyday Minerals and how they look.

    Which ones better?

    Can anyone give me input on any of the ones they use please?

    thanks :smile:
  2. This has happened to me too :sad: I used to love the coverage of it and now it just doesn't cut it for me anymore..
  3. just a heads up about sheer cover makeup. i saw the infomercial today and went on the website to check it out since the $9.95 trial kit sounded too good to be true. as it turns out, if you keep the kit, they charge you $29.95 three times and then after that, they automaticaly charge you $29.95 a month for shipments every 3 months.

    i don't know but that's an awful lot if you ask me. i got the starter kit for bare minerals at sephora for $60 and it's lasted me 2 months so far with lots to go.
  4. can i ask how come bare minerals made your skin bad? did it make you break out?
  5. Bare Minerals made me itchy, although I really liked their warmth. I would get so many compliments on it. But I've recently switched to Everyday Minerals and I LOVE it!!! They have a such a great selection! Far more than BM in my opinion. EM always makes me look fresh and vibrant. I really like it. Order a free sample kit on their website, all you have to pay is like 3-4 dollars for shipping and handling. That'll give you an idea on how their products are. I think you get something like four small foundations, one concealer and a blush to try.
  6. here here. I LOVE EVERYDAY MINERALS! you can't go wrong with their sample kit. and with the convenience of paypal payment, how could you resist? :smile: if you'd like to start small, i'd recommend the mini on-the-go kit here (scroll towards the bottom) for $16. they ship quickly so if you place your order monday, you'll probably get it by the end of the week. hope i've enabled you!!!
  7. just be careful with the bare mineral brushes. they are made of animal hair and i seriously started breaking out and had to go back to EL brushes.
  8. I have used and loved bare minerals for a number of years now, but have wondered about everyday minerals. Thanks LaurenAshley and Ichelle for the tips. I'm going to try EM to see how I like it!
  9. well it didnt exactly make my skin bad, but it made my face feel super dry and powdery and it just felt a little weird.

  10. I've been using EM for quite awhile now and I reallly like it. The foundation is wonderful and so are the blushes. I'm not wild about their concealers. I prefer Nars concealer which is creamy instead of a powder. I also like their eyeshadows.
  11. i actually like their concealer i also like the blush. i never use the finishing powder though.
  12. i was a tad hesitant abt trying everyday minerals cuz it seemed so plain. i have to admit im a snob with makeup. but everyday minerals beats every high end fdn ive ever tried. i still love my la mer liquid but for a powder fdn, one couldnt ask for more.

    it took me a couple of tried to get the perfect match. but i love how i can mix the formulas to match my skin shade. i even mix it with lotion. real time saver.
  13. I've been using Bare Minerals for a few months now and I'm insane in love with it. Someone I know asked me how my skin had stayed so fresh using it when theirs had completely broken down and I asked if they used the "Bare Vitamins" that came in the starter kit and they said "no." The BV is a big part of it for me.

    And another thing about the brushes, you do have to wash them out every month or so. I'm due for a wash tonight actually. Because it's real animal hair, everything sticks to it and it goes onto your face therefore, breakout! I was wondering why my skin was acting up! Thanks for the reminder.

    I'm a full supporter of the Bare Minerals. The way it makes my skin look is amazing. I'll share with you my makeup story.

    I had really severe acne. So bad I was developing a social anxiety. I wouldn't go into crowded places and was faking illnesses so I didn't have to do things like go to church. I finally went to a doc and got some medicine for the breakouts. It helped but it still wasn't enough. My BFF had been using Bare Minerals having FANTASTIC results. She had the clearest skin of anybody I'd ever seen. She was trying to coninvce me to start using it. But because my breakouts were so much less I thought I'd stick to my pressed powder foundation and my habit of putting concealer all over my ENTIRE, and I do mean ENTIRE, face. One day I have a particularly terrible breakout and my parents and I were in town and we passed the store that sold Bare Essentuals. I asked my mom if we could stop and she said yes. I bought the starter kit, rushed home, removed my horribly caked on makeup and put on the BE.When I came out of the bathroom my parents' jaws dropped open. My skin literally looked flawless.

    And now, even when I DO have a zit, you honestly cannot see it. Even if it's the worst zit I've ever had, I KNOW my BE will cover it.

    I had a big weekend. My BFF hooked me up with a guy and I had this huge zit on my cheek. I called her frantic. "HOW CAN I MEET HIM WITH A ZIT THE SIZE OF TEXAS ON MY FACE??!!" She told me to take a chill pill and put on my makeup and call her back. I felt like such an idiot. I couldn't find the zit once I put my make up on.

    BE is all about the applicaition. Its the WAY you put it on. Swirl Tap and Buff isn't just a cute saying. DO IT! It works. If you want really light coverage, s t and b lightly. Want a matte look? Want a completely flawless look, put on more. Here's the kicker! If you DO put on more, it looks like your wearing less! IDK how it does it, but it does!

    I also use the WARM RADIENCE. A step up from WARMTH. Warmth is just like a bronzer IMO. Its just a brown shade that works with ur foundation, but I couldn't wear my pinky lip gloss with it cause they didn't match up. So my BFF told me about Warm Radiance. It's slightly pinker, but still has that bronze shade, and a little bit of shimmer. It works GREAT on me.

    I also use Mineral Veil, but not the regular MV, the new TINTED Mineral Veil. People, including me and my BFF, were complaining that the MV went on too white, so they reworked it and added a tint to it. It's PERFECT! I don't have to use as much foundation or WR.

    My eye routine is the basic eye kit. It comes w 3 brushes, and 4 different colors. (It's in the brown family) It makes my eyes stand out SO much.

    So I fully support BE. LOVE IT! Like even when I'm working, running around taking pics like a mad woman and I'm sweating and I can feel my clothes start to stick to me, my makeup doesn't run! It's amazing!
  14. i haven't tried sheer cover, but i've tried BE and EM, and i have to say i much prefer my EM. first of all, who can argue with their prices? and more importantly, BE irritated my skin (made it itchy/irritated) whereas EM feels like i'm wearing nothing, has better color selections, and has great coverage.

    i can't say i'm loving the EM concealer-i think i haven't figured out yet how to apply it properly. My only issue with mineral make up thus far is finding the right brush-i've bought a bunch with which to apply it, but the one that seems to work best is the bare escentuals brush-but the thing is so scratchy it kills my face

    i've also heard great things about EM blushes so i'm ordering the custom kit right now where you can choose 6 of any product and create your own mini set-trying 4 blushes and tyring to find 2 other things to fill it with :tup:
  15. thanks for the link, I'm def. going to try it! :flowers:

    I can't find the Bare Vitamins on their website?? :huh: