Bare Minerals-some products with parabens

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  1. My mom just called from Nordstrom. I remember hearing BE had some products they were recalling but since I don't use BE anymore (switched to La Bella Donna a year ago) I didn't give it much though or take more interest in it. (I heard this several months ago initially)

    BE just replaced their lipsticks and mineral veils because they had parabens in them. The BE SA (a buddy of my mom's) got on the phone to ask me what paraben is. IT seems to be there was a huge lag time in pulling the mineral veils after they knew parabens where present, which makes me concerned other products my have them as well.

    Although it's controversy over whether parabens are toxic or not I would say best to be safe. I would take any of your BE stuff back to Nordstrom and ask to have it exchange with the new stuff that just got in to Nordstrom that is now paraben free.

    Just thought I'd share because I know there are tons of BE users on this site.
  2. I bought mine online how can I exchange it?
  3. I would contact the site directly and see if they are honoring exchanges/returns do to the recall. If not, then I'd send an email and paper letter to BE directly expressing your concern. I would imagine they would honor your request.