Bare minerals on ebay?!? Real???

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  1. I purchased bare minerals foundation off of ebay, a few days ago and just received it, but the label on the bottom looks off to me. The label is different from if you were to buy it at Ulta.

    Heres pics:

    Ebay bare minerals

    one from ulta


    the font is off, and the one from Ulta is distributed from CA
    and the one from ebay is Netherlands

    Does anyone know anything about this? Should I even use the one from ebay, it looks off. Also, the FUNNY this is that in the auction she used the pic of the authentic one, but sent me one with the font thats off.

    Please suggestions!! :tdown:

    FYI: The seller has sold thousands of bare mineral products on ebay, but use authentic pics and send something different.
  2. I have wondered that myself! I hope someone knows the answer.
  3. I think you bought a fake, because Bare Essentials is based out of San Fransisco, so it makes sense that the Ulta one says distributed from CA.

    I would try to return the Netherlands one and just stick to buying from retail stores. You have no idea what kind of weird chemicals and products they used to make that powder. MAC is also faked a lot. Makeup and fragrances are counterfeited on ebay, so it is better just to avoid it.

    I hope you are able to get your money back!
  4. This was her response, when I asked her why the labels are different.

    They are the brand new foundaton labels that bare escentuals has just brought out which are replacing the older labels...that's all!

    What should I do?? File paypal? Her auction says no returns
  5. Well why don't you go to sephora or Ulta and check out the labels.

    I am sure they have new foundations in and you can check and see if the labels match. If not, you know she is lying. I have a feeling that she probably is because she doesn't expect you to have the same product to compare with.

    After checking that with the new ones in store, I would open a significantly not as described dispute on paypal. If she doesn't agree to refund after you ship it back, escalate the dispute into a claim, and paypal will most likely rull in your favor. Be sure to state in the dispute everything you said here about how you know it is a fake because the labels do not match and you compared them with the one from Ulta and others from in store. Mention that you have pics proving what you received is fake. Make sure you have your entire story in the paypal dispute before escalating it to a claim, because once you do that you cannot add any more information.

    I hope that helps! Good Luck!

    If you do not win the paypal claim you can call your credit card company to do a charge back. They will ask you to ship it back to the seller and then give you a full refund.
  6. If she is claiming these are the new labels, then check out the store and see if they have the new labels. I doubt these new labels are exclusive to HER KWIM?

    It does look off to me though!
  7. you can also check the website and see if they have a golden medium. i thought that they were very limited in their shades...hmm
  8. It comes in that shade. It's one of the newer shades they introduced recently. Not sure if the label has changed though. :shrugs:
  9. I just ordered a new foundation from QVC and the label did not look like the one you got off ebay. QVC might be different though...
  10. I'm not sure if that's real. You might want to bring it to a BE boutique and have them authenticate the label. If you're nervous about explaining that you purchased it off ebay, then maybe you could say it was as gift from a friend? :shame:

    A couple years ago, I bought the BE flawless face brush off ebay. Turns out it was a fake. :tdown:
  11. imo dont buy anything like that off ebay, i bought smashbox lipgloss and eyeliner pencils dreadful, also gale hayman, thought i was getting a bargain, my eyes went puffy, i have checked my B E id from qvc its from cal,so i think its a copy sorry alfie x
  12. Hmmmm...Bare Escentuals is pretty adamant about broadcasting their affiliation w/ SF on their labeling. I doubt they're re distributing or manufacturing through the Netherlands. ITA someone @ a BE boutique would know. The next time I'm at the mall, I'll ask to look at their foundation.:flowers:
  13. BE does have different labels, depending on how old the stuff is. The second picture is the newest label, to my knowledge.
  14. I've purchased BE off of Ebay and have never had a problem with fakes. I've used the sellers "chrisrt1" & "beautyandbaskets". Both are reputable and have authentic products. Sorry you got taken~ I'd definitely file a report and fight it!:tdown:
  15. I went to sephora and BE and the new one is real! For some reason it does have the netherlands on the label and it looks just like your first pic! :yes: