Bare Minerals Light 2.0 - Chanel Color Equivalent?

  1. After reading posts praising Chanel, I've decided to switch my foundation to Chanel since Bare Minerals basically destroyed my sensitive skin after 2 years of using it - enlarged pores, little bumps, uneven skintone, etc. Since I stopped using Bare Minerals, my skin looks phenomenally clear and radiant. I'm ready for a good foundation now.

    I want to switch over to Chanel's VitaLumiere or Teint Innocence but I don't know what shade to buy online this week. I used Light 2.0 in Bare Minerals and I have white skin with yellow undertones, not pink. What shade would all of you with Chanel experience recommend that I purchase??

    I don't mind buying 2 shades and mixing, I'm just confused by the color choices at and need a little guidance. Help me, TPF!!!
  2. Forgot to say that I'm also a MAC NC30 with yellow undertones.