Bare Legs: What Lotion Do You Use ?

  1. Johnson's Baby Baby Oil Gel, Lavender


    For my bear legs i use baby oil gel, especially after shaving or waxing.

    What do you use on your bear legs ?
  2. the best thing, hands down, that i've ever used is Gold Bond ultimate healing lotion. your legs will be smooth for DAYS.
  3. I mostly use Jergens or Johnson and Johnson 24 hour moisture lotion. If I'm planning to show off my legs then I use Neutrogena body oil.
  4. after i shower, shave, etc.. I usually use the purely silk lotion for Bath and Body, and when I show them off, I like to use this bronzer from VS! it gives me a wonderful tan!!!
  5. Lubriderm (: I have sensitive skin, and it works really well for me -face and body.
  6. After I shave I use tend skin, because my legs get really irritated regardless of what I do... and then my lotion is usually a plain shea or coco butter lotion, just from walgreens... one of the few that doesn't irritate my skin and cause red bumps!
  7. i switch it up pretty often. i like "cake" lotions, jaqua buttercream frosting, and right now i'm using bed head oatmeal cookie...mmmmmm, smells so yummy!
  8. I use Clinique's Body Butter - but at $20 a tub (which doesn't last too long since I use it on my arms too) I'm thinking of switching to something cheaper!
  9. I use the Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. Perfect for post-shave. ;)

  10. After exfoliationg, I apply a bronzer and this new product by Bobby Brown.
  11. Try NIVEA silky shimmer lotion. I think its $4 bucks in medium to dark. I have olive skin and my mom is darker and it looks fierce on both of us. It moisturizes and leaves a shimmer. I even put some on my arms.:yes:
  12. I use aveeno b/c I have I need the extra oatmeal. I also sometimes on occasion use victorias secret, just b/c it smells great!
  13. My skin is pretty sensitive, so I use Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Body Complexion lotion. It has AHA and vitamins A & E which helps even out skin tone and diminishes blemishes if you have any. It's also non-greasy, which is nice.
  14. I work at bath and body works, so I have a HUGE selection of lotions.

    my favorites are "Tahiti, Sweetie" because it makes my legs amazingly soft ( the monoi oil in it is fabbulous)


    Breathe ( in delight or energy) the texture is nice and makes my legs oh so soft.
  15. wow, that stuff looks like heaven
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