Bare Escentuals vs. Philosophy Supernatural Airbrush

  1. Hi - I am new to this forum and this is my very first post...I love being able to get advice on practically anything and everything a girl wants to know here!!!

    I am currently using the BE line - foundation, primer, blush, etc...However, I have been reading some really good things about the Philosophy Supernatural Airbrush powder foundation with the applicator sponge. I like the BE foundation, but it has a few drawbacks for me. I use the Mineral Veil but find my old standby, Mac Blot Powder, does a better job of controlling shine throughout the day. I also find the BE powders a bit messy and always end up with powder all over my bathroom counter, which is a pain when I am in a hurry (and I hate leaving a mess)! I also think it may be bothering my eyes a bit after continued use as well - anybody else had this experience?

    Although I am in my mid 40s (gasp!), I still have oily skin and need a foundation with light to moderate coverage but that is long lasting and will keep the shine at bay. Has anyone used these two lines, and if so, how do you think they compare?

    Thanks so much!
  2. i've used both but prefer the supernatural. that said, my needs are exactly opposite of yours.

    i don't need much coverage and found BE had more. i love that the supernatural is so light. plus i got a better color match. and BE dried out my already dry skin.

    i say go to Nordstrom and try the BE on one half of your face and the supernatural on the other half, then wear them around the mall for an hour. you'll know which one you like better. :smile:

    welcome to tPF!! :flowers:
  3. Wow...glad I asked! Thanks so much, Ilzabet!

    Is the Supernatural airbrushed usually worn over some type of primer like the BE line is (Skin Revver-upper)? I have read that Philosophy's "Present" clear makeup is good for a base under the Airbrushed but nice on its own as well. I also think there is a new type of primer for oilier skins, something like "Present" clear powder.

    Think I'll head to the mall today! We have both a Nordstrom and a Sephora, and I'd like to check out Paula Dorf Transformer and DermaDoctor Porefection as well. It'll be fun to treat myself for a change!
  4. I didn't care for the Supernatural foundation as much as BE. And "The Present" feels totally gross on my skin. I much prefer Smashbox's primer to Philosophy, and I have not tried BE's "Skin Revver-Upper" thus far. BE has had it right from the beginning, so I am sticking with them. Just my two cents! I have been a bit disappointed with some of Philosophy's products. Their bath gels are fabulous, but for makeup you can do better elsewhere.
  5. i just wear it over my own moisturizer (dove sensitive or clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel). i think you could use anything you wanted as long as you let it dry thoroghly beforehand. cakey is not a good look for anyone. ;)

    i didn't personally care for the present clear makeup in primer form. it made my skin feel gross and weird but i can't really discribe how. like vasiline almost. then again, i feel that way about most primers. :yes: i avoid powder, so can't comment on that. :smile:

    philosophy is really hit or miss for me. i've tried SO many of their products (i'm a sucker for cute packaging and inspirational sayings) and only found a few that i love.

    hope you have a blast! i firmly believe taking care of you is the only way you can take care of anyone else! :flowers:
  6. Thanks so much ETenebris and Ilzabet! You both helped me a lot!

    I never made it to the mall yesterday - cancelled the trip to spend time with my boys and my "oh-so-sweet" b/f (and it doesn't hurt that he is a jeweler) instead! Sounds as if it is for the best, though - think I'll stick with my BE, especially for now. I'll just have to be neater when I apply, and figure out what is bothering my eyes. The more I think about it, I actually don't think it's the BE that is making them itch and water because it has just started...instead it may be the new shadow primer I've only recently begun using. Will try the old again today and see what happens.

    Again - Thanks!!!