Bare Escentuals TSV tonight on QVC!

  1. To all the BE ladies out there...QVC is going to have a "Today's Special Value" from Bare Escentuals tonight at 11:00 CST/Midnight for the East Coasters. I have been waiting for this ever since I saw it posted on the BE website. I think this is the collection that will be offered tonight, but I am not positive...all I know is that it is supposed to be something from the "cruise" line and around $48 for an entire kit. Happy shopping! Oh...and save one for me!
    BE QVC A69829.jpg
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I love BE, I just picked up the Tahtian Glimpses. It was a kit at Ulta w/ 3 beautiful colors in the glimmers, which I really like especially for summertime. I'll definately check out tonight!!!!
  3. I might watch it just to see the weird lady - she cracks me up when she tells her 'guests' to explain how BE changed thier life while applying the minerals and then constantly interrupts them and corrects them as they's sooo comical! I love the products though!
  4. Woo Hoo! I love it when BE is on QVC. It's like a party all day! Like I need more make up.
  5. Yes...and yes! I don't need more, but it's SO much fun!
  6. Did anyone buy anything? So far I bought 2 things. That's good for me.
  7. My color is not available anymore for the TSV. I'm too late.

    Oh well
  8. Yea I stayed up late and ordered mines at 12:01. Didn't get much sleep since I was watching the show til 2am.
  9. I am addicted to BE. I got the liner sealer kit with the 2 brushes and the face rever-uper stuff. I so wanted the huge $48 kit but by the time I decided to get it my color was sold out.:sad:
    I know they have one at Ulta that is almost the same. I think it is missing the lip balm and is like $10 more. Doesn't seem worth it.
  10. No wonder they call it "TSV." TWO foundations, too! I'd have ordered it if I didn't already have so much BE stuff. I was thinking about the eye-liner sealer kit, but it seems time consuming to put on. I'm always in a hurry in the morning. Has anyone ever tried the "well-rested" eye kit?
  11. I bought the "Puppy Love" kit (pic below). I cancelled my TSV kit since I already have the "Go Bare on Board" from Sephora. But the Puppy Love colors look awesome! And it comes with a cute "collar" bracelet!
    BE Puppy Love A3361.jpg
  12. I love BE!! I ordered some Fair foundation. I have a friend that works at BE and she is sending me some samples of colors, yay!
  13. I saw the show and was so tempted to buy, but I have heard mixed review about BE. Neutogena has come out with a mineral veil, so maybe I will try that...
  14. I use the well-rested everyday & really like it. I think it's much much better than the bisque (it was a funky color w/ my skin). The well rested has a more golden undertone.
  15. ^^ I use Well Rested on my eyes and under my eyes, too. Also as concealer sometimes. I love it!