Bare Escentuals & Skin Tone

  1. I've never used foundation (I'm 24 years old) but recently my skin looks washed out and my face just seems tired looking. I'm at the end of graduate school and I think all of the stress is starting to show.

    I've heard really great things about BE and I've read some posts from this board. I really like the SPF 15 being included, as well as the natural look and mineral aspects.

    I want to buy the getting started kit since I'm a beginner and have no idea what I'm doing. My only problem is I'm really not sure what skin tone to purchase and I don't want to get something too dark or too light. I know I'm somewhere between light and medium.. but I'm just worried.

    When you first purchased BE did you consult someone in the store or compare photographs to their chart or what? Sorry if this is a silly post! I'd rather buy online to avoid NYC sales tax.. haha.

    Here is the most recent picture I have for reference.. but I'm not really sure if a picture is an accurate way to decide. Puffy eyes :/

  2. Find your skin tone first. If your veins show through your skin as green, your tone is yellow. You would want to use light which is warm toned. If your veins show blue, you are more neutral/pink in which case the medium would be better for your tone. If you want to darken up your foundation, you could mix some warmth into it.
    BE is forgiving, so you are bound to find the right shade.
  3. I bought it at sephora and had a SA help me pick a color. She put it on my whole face and in the store it looked kind of weird so I decided to walk around the mall and see how I looked in different types of lighting. It turned out that the color was correct but maybe the lighting was off in Sephora. I'd suggest getting a SA to help you out.
  4. If you can, go directly to the BE boutique in the city and have them color match you. Have them give you the foundations color numbers and whatever else they use so you can order on line. Also remember that QVC carries BE products as well.
  5. your skin looks so pretty! If you just feel washed out, why not try some bronzer? BE makes one called warmth that I think comes with the intro pack and just gives you a nice glow. Your skin is lovely; you don't need to cover it up!
  6. Ulta sells BE too. Try and get an SA to help you then take a look at your face outside the store in daylight (take a mirror with you in case you can't use theirs). I think natural light is best particularly if a store is not well lit.

    I've given up on foundation (even BE), I find my skin tone changes no matter what I try and I think I look weird. I do use a translucent powder for my shade of skin to matify my face and I use a non-sparkling bronzer for some depth. I'm happy with that.
  7. Go to sephora and check it out but im pretty sure that the light [get started kit] will fit your tone. Kit will include 2 foundations, fairly light and light.Go for the light.I use the med.kit and it will be too dark for you.

    Hope this help and love the makeup as much as I do.-=]
  8. BE is very forgiving as far as matching your skin tone. Even Leslie Blodgett (the CEO of BE) will say that on QVC. If you get light or fairly light, both should work well for you. If you have the opportunity though, definitely go to Ulta of Sephora to try it out.
  9. Thank you so much for all of your help! I really appreciate it! I think I will try to get an SA to help. My problem is I'm very shy (I know that sounds silly.. but it's really hard for me to talk to people in stores). I think it'll be best to ask a professional though. Hehe.
  10. Do you have a BE boutique near you? I went in and was color matched there. They call it a makeunder. You can always try Sephora, Ulta or
  11. Go to your local BE boutique and let them match your skin tone ... then you can order it online.
  12. Cannot agree more with cathymd! You have beautiful skin with even tone - you don't need foundation. As soon as I read that you've never used foundation before I was also going to suggest using a bronzer first. Or how about using tinted moisturizer? The Laura Mercier one is quite good. If you feel washed out, use a natural looking blush like the ones made by Benefit. Do you wear any make up at all? If not, try using eye makeup or colored gloss to brighten up your look instead.
  13. I agree... we seem to have a similiar tone and I use the light kit. With fairly light all over, and the light as kind of a highlighter.

    While I agree that you have a gorgeous skintone, and don't really need to cover up anything with foundation - bronzer might be good for daily use or a brightening lotion... However, the benefits of the SPF 15 in the BE is enormous!! And it truely works!!

    Before I used BE, I would use a cream foundation and it didn't feel good on my face, and even if it said it had SPF - my face would still get burnt!! (Indicting that it wasn't doing its job!!) During a recent vacation in FL, I realized that while my shoulders & chest had gotten too much sun while getting stuck in the sun one day, my face was PERFECT and didn't get red AT ALL!! So the SPF in BE definately works!! :yes:

    I would reccomend trying it for occasional use or to use when you are going to be outside/exposed to UV rays then usual... BE has worked better then most of the foundations or mosturizers that say they contain SPF.