Bare Escentuals - Rare Minerals

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    Has anyone ever used this product? Can you wear it during the daytime?
  2. My sister in law wears it and LOVES it! It really does look great on her skin. I totally want some.
  3. I absolutely love love love my BE mineral makeup set. I love it so much that I even threw out all my MAC and NARS foundation!!! so I have been curious to try the night essentials...I just purchased the aveda skincare package so once that runs out in a couple of months I am going to try the BE night stuff. or rare minerals or whatever it's called. :smile:
  4. wow.. i have to finish my BE basic kit before trying the RE. anyone find it too tedious? :smile:
  5. Where do they sell it?
  6. I got a kit at Sephora. It included the brushes, two foundation tones, mineral veil and instructions in a CD. I think it was around $60. I love it but found it drys up my skin. I just increased the amount and frequency of my moisterizer and diidn't have a problem.:yes: :yes:
  7. I find that if I use the lotion that they provide it tends to dry up my skin, but with Oil of Olay beauty fluid (around 7 bucks from target or walgreen's) it sticks really nice and has a much more fluid finish.
  8. it looked really good on tv... but don't know if it works as much as it says it works...
  9. I haven't heard too much about the results yet from actual people. I'm waiting until I hear more before plunking down the $60 for it.

    I use the regular BE products, and they're fantastic.
  10. I use the makeup Bare Escentuals and love it. It's very natural looking. I don't know about the night stuff though. Like Jillybean said, 60 bucks is a lot to put down on something that you don't know works.
  11. I want to try ANY BE products but they don't have it in the UK :sad:
  12. Well after reading this I orderd it from Sephora, I will let you girls know how it works.
  13. Yeah, after reading the other thread, I got the starter kit from sephora a few weeks ago and love it! My only gripe is that the tubs the foundation comes in with the kit are pretty small and I make a big mess with the brushes because they don't really fit. I don't think they're full size tubs though. I have a tub of the light I can send to someone if they want to try it ... the light is too dark for me (third lightest color). I haven't opened it! but I don't know how it will work without the brushes. I got so many compliments the first day I wore it though. I didn't tell people I changed makeup either, so it really must have worked. :smile:
  14. You are correct, the ones in the kit are not full sized, they're samples. If you tap the powder into the lid and swirl the brush in the lid, it shouldn't make too much of a mess.
  15. So no one has broken out from BE???