Bare Escentuals - New to me

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  1. I just discovered this product. I know I''m late to the game, but I'm probably the only one out there that doesn't get QVC (cable). Bare Escentuals opened a store in our mall and that's the first time I've heard of it, so I sat for a demo and bought the staryer kit. I'm totally hooked. I lierally tossed all my other foundations.

    Does anyone know about their other products? Lipstick, eye color, tanning cream, etc? Are they worth it?
  2. Shoe-I LOVE bare escentuals. I began wearing it based upon recommendation of my derm in 1999! It was hard to find then, but their products are fabulous! You will never get to the bottom of an eyeshadow color. I have yet to do so. Their lipsticks and glosses are wonderful-very moisturizing. I use their buzz latte lipbalm--you can dip it in any of the minerals to make a lipstick. Their brushes are great as well. Hope you have fun relacing ALL of your makeup!!!
  3. This stuff is great! (Take it from someone who's face is like one giant zit...) Totally non-comedogenic, and probably the ONLY foundation I've ever used that never caused me a major breakout.
  4. QVC online has videos and the whole colection i think. just started using the make-up a few months ago. sure wish they had this 30 years ago when i was in my 20's with extremely oily skin!
  5. I'm in the same boat re being new to this range, or minerals in general.

    I found an excellent seller on Ebay with whom many emails were exchanged to get me the right colour foundation. She even customised a Starter Kit for me!

    I have only used it (fully) twice and am still getting used to how much/little I should apply. The brushes are superb and the Mineral Veil is AWESOME!! :tup:
  6. Hi girls-I too tossed all my tinted moisturizers and foundations-I'm hooked on Jane Iredale minerals-a little less shimmer than the BE-but I read that the BE blush is to die for. I love mineral foundation-it looks good even in bright sun!
  7. i swear by the mineral veil. it is the best powder ever! i used to love their foundation but now i am seeing that my laura mercier tinted moisturizer + BE mineral veil is enough for me.
  8. Which BE products did you find shimmery? I always avoid shimmer.
  9. I never tried this product but I've seen the infomercials and I always wonder how long does it stay on for? all day? couple of hours?

    From what I've saw, I know is really just power right?
  10. The foundation has the lightest bit of shimmer-so does the Iredale loose, but the Iredale pressed is totally matte. I always read product reviews on Makeupalley before I buy too-they're good for those of us that have Fear of Shimmer.
  11. i used to love BE but their foundation made my skin look oily. plus, i didn't always apply it looked different each time i applied! i used it for about a year, and now i'm just back to simple liquid foundation thats fool-proof...i do still like their eyeshadows and lip glosses, though all that powder gets so messy in my makeup bag!!
  12. I tried BE but I have also swapped to Jane Iredale. The colour suited me better and it goes on without looking cakey. I also had the problem with BE that it looked different each time I applied it.
  13. I love this stuff -- I am in humid Atlanta, I have oily skin w/ occasional breakouts and it holds up all day. I use a spf moisturizer under the foundation. Mineral veil is great throughout the day for touch ups. I have also tried their lipsticks --- love them.
  14. I swear by BE. I've been using it for 4 years now and I have extremely sensitive skin.
  15. All I've tried so far is the face powder but I love it! It's the only type of foundation I've ever worn on a daily basis.
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