Bare Escentuals Liner is a messy disaster. Help!

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  1. I purchased Bare Escentuals eye liner a few weeks back, and while I love the color (patio party, a deep brown with some gold shimmer to it) the application SUCKS! It seems I get the liner powder everywhere, especially when I try to do my lower lash line...all over the concealer and tinted moisturizer I just applied. :sad: Does this happen to anyone else? Any tips or tricks? Thanks!
  2. What kind of brush are you using? Are you trying to line the inner rim of your eyes or just above/below the lash line?

    I suggest using a brush like this:
    ^ Stila Brush #13 One Step Eyeliner Brush or

    ^Stila Brush #4 Precision Eyeliner Brush

    Dip each brush in water so you can apply the eyeliner "wet", which helps it adhere better.

    I suggest Stila Smudge Pots as well:
    Which can be used with the same brushes above. It's a a gel/powder eyeliner that goes on really easily with no need to wet the brush. Good luck!
  3. hi bond girl! i had a sweet SA apply a bare escentuals look for me at sephora, and she told me to put on extra mineral veil (just dab it on all over your face, especially on your cheeks underneath your eyes) heavily (don't blend it in or anything), apply your eye makeup, and then take a powder brush and wipe off that excess mineral veil. she said that the mineral veil would cling to any stray powder from the eyeshadows/eyeliners, so it won't leave smudges on your face. i haven't tried it personally (though she did use it on me and i did see the extra shadow/liner coming off with no smudges), but i hope this helps! good luck!
  4. I use the eyeliner mineral powders dry or wet, dry works better for me and appying it on the inner eye lid is easy, just takes practice. Do small strokes or use a very fine flat angled brush from sephora.. I find that I just have to apply a bit and then it will "blend" or spread out and give a nice look with some time.
  5. I agree, it takes some practice to apply BE eyeliner w/out the mess. My favorite eyeliner is Smashbox, but I love BE because of the all the beautiful shades. I use the BE liner brush, I think that works the best. After a few times it gets less messy. I always apply the BE eyeliner or a shadow/eyeliner wet. It always looks great and stays put.