Bare Escentuals kabuki brush - ouch!

  1. Does anyone else have this problem? My BE kabuki brush makes my face tingle in a bad way. It never was what I would call soft, but it seems to be worse. :weird:
  2. thats funny
    cause mine still feels ok and soft from when I bought it 2 months ago...hmm
    maybe u could try exchanging it?
  3. Mine was OK for a long time, but when I went to wash it (warm water and cetaphil cleanser) it smelled like a dead beaver! I ended up bringing it back to sephora.
  4. most of the time brushes like kabuki's make my face itch I just use my mom's brushes from the 70's...they seem to be the softest of most brushes that I've ever tried.
  5. i threw away the face brushes from my BE set, i kept only the concealer brush. Those brushes made my face itch so bad.

    i switched to trish mcevoy brushes and never looked back.
  6. Try Bobbi Brown's kabuki brush. It's really soft, and I've got sensitive skin, and never had any problems with it.
  7. I agree with the trish mcevoy brushes...I have a set of them and also quite a few MAC brushes.
  8. Good call. I know that there are people that rave about the BE brushes. But I think they're kinda crappy... Trish McEvoy makes GREAT brushes. Chanel's kabuki brush is great!
  9. BE's Baby Buki is fabulous-had mine for 2+ years and clean it all the time but the regular buki brush I dont like it is nowhere near as soft. I have many BE brushes but the only ones I recommend are the baby buki, concealer and this double ended eye brush-one side is thick and slanted the other is a micro thin angled eyeliner brush that came with a QVC kit of theres. Smashbox and Bobbi Brown have fabulous brushes.
  10. The only problem I've ever had with the BE brushes is losing their bristles. I only clean them with the BE cleansers though....but I think they are super soft and my skin never has a problem.
  11. I haven't had a problem. Maybe you are allergic to it.
  12. i noticed that my kabuki is different from all of my friends'... mine is rather coarse, and most of my friends have super soft ones. i actually had an allergic reaction to mine when i first bought it, but i was fine after i washed it
  13. I don't like the feel of mine either and I think that BE brushes basically suck. The hairs fall out no matter what you do - they are cheaply made IMO.
  14. The brush hurts my skin, it is definitely not a good brush...
  15. I think my problems were a combination of the BE makeup and the brush. I tried a premium kabuki brush from Everyday Minerals and I was still getting itchies with the BE but not with the Everday Minerals makeup. And I tried the BE kabuki with the EM makeup but the brush was still hurting my skin. So now I'm using EM makeup and the EM brush and am very happy with both. I had never heard of anyone else having a problem with BE but then it turns out my sister has the same problems with BE so maybe it's some kind of allergy. :weird: