Bare Escentuals Family Friends!

  1. Enter BEFRIEND at checkout for 20% off. Free shipping over $75. I love this stuff! Enjoy!

    I also have a pdf for in-store use. If anyone can teach me how to post, I'd be glad to!
  2. Cool thanks, does it expire?
  3. Thanks!! I'll definately take advantage of this. I love this stuff.
  4. Ooh, just placed a big order. Thank you so much!!!
  5. i just started using it and i have to say it still confuses me, although i do really:p like it.
  6. oops. i forgot to add - the code expires Sunday, June 24th!
  7. Thank you--I just ordered some things. I bought this stuff for the first time last week--really like it but didn't feel like I had enough under eye coverage so I bought some of the 'well rested'. I added some more things to my cart, but I wish I was able to order single eye shadows and things! thanks again!

  8. Thanks foojay! Just placed an order to restock my supplies. Also, the $75 minimum for shipping is before the you can buy the $75 starter kit, get $15 off, and still get free shipping!
  9. thanks1
  10. Thanks! I just ordered a ton of stuff!
  11. I love that stuff. I just ordered some. Wish they had as much online as they do in their stores.

    There is always a line of people everytime I go into a BE store.
  12. thanks my sister loves this stuff!
  13. awesome, thanks
  14. "BEFRIEND" didn't work for me.:confused1: Did it expire?
  15. EXPIRED!

    Sorry, i didn't put it in the original post... i added it later on... It was only good this past weekend. I WILL get better at posting these things!