Bare Escentuals Eye Shadow?

  1. Ok ladies - I know alot of you have the BE eyeshadow, so give me your suggestions & 3 cents because I am stumped!

    Last week I went to Ulta and purchased a tub of Soiree which is a "glimmer" because I was wanting a really high intensity green that wasn't too light or too dark for a photoshoot. What I ended up with was a soft kind of glittery effect that isnt what I was looking for at all. Does anyone have any suggestions or input? What is the difference between "glimmer' and 'shadow'? Is there a primer that will actually make the color more intense?

    thank u kindly! :smile:
  2. Glimmers have that shimmery effect in them whereas, eyeshadows really don't. The great thing about glimmers is you can apply them wet (it's what they call foiling). That will really make the color pop.
  3. so do you just dip your brush in some water and go for it? Im going to try that now...
  4. OMG OMG thank you THANK YOU!!! this is EXACTLY what I was wanting to happen! I'm going to go back and buy some more tubs of color!!!
  5. Glad I could help. I love BE eyeshadows.
  6. I :heart: foiling my BE glimmers and shadows, it always looks amazing.
    Also, on another BE note, I just got the tinted mineral veil and boy, do I :heart: it!!! I'm very fair and it looks incredible. It's very different from the Warmth and the regular mineral veil. It looks very natural and light. It gives you the air brushed look and a nice warm color. It's my favorite new thing.
  7. How do you use the tinted mineral veil? Just on your cheeks, or all over? I am very fair skinned, and I usually just use the BE foundation and no mineral veil or other powder, but I have some tinted mineral veil...I was going to return it because it looked too deep for my skin tone, but your post might change my mind!
  8. You can use it all over like regular mineral veil. The tinted one is sheer just like the regular one, but it gives an extra little tan. You should try it ET. Me on the other hand never got into mineral veil of any type.
  9. I use the tinted mineral veil all over, it's very light and sheer, it gives you a wonderful "glow", much much lighter than the warmth. I never really used the regular mineral veil, I mean I have it, just never thought it made much of a difference. I think you'll like it ETenebris if you try it. It looks much darker and deeper in the container, it goes on nice and light.