Bare Escentuals Expiration Date??

  1. I just recently bought the face kit in medium, but I noticed that it expires this month!!

    I would go to Sephora and exchange it, but I've already opened it and I'm not sure where I put my receipt..

    what to do.. :cursing:
  2. They are only required to put an expiration date on it because of the SPF. BE doesn't actually expire so you should be fine. With that being said, I would be a little angry if something I paid full price on was set to expire soon.
  3. Maybe you could go back to explain the situation. Explain that you just want an even exchange, not a refund. Even though you opened it, it's still going to be full and obviously unused.
  4. I didn't know they had one...where is it located?

    Sephora has a very liberal refund/exchange program. I'd give taking it back a shot. If you're in their Insider's Club your purchase would be in their system.
  5. thanks girls :smile: if you look at the side of the container (clear main body of the package) the exp date is printed on it.
  6. i'm sure sephora will take it back and give you a new one that wont expire soon.
  7. Actually, I bought a lotion from cosmedicine that was expired and sephora won't take it back. They said that makeup lasts 3 years after the expiration date, and if it lasts less than 3 years, you'd see the number of months listed on the product.
  8. I would take it back. You are paying for a fresh product.