Bare Escentials vs. Everyday Minerals

  1. Has anyone used both and if so what's your preference? I use warmth from bare escentials...does anyone know what product from everyday minerals would be comparable?

    Thanks ladies
  2. I like everyday minerals more because the shades fit me better. I use the Natural Reflections Summer Bronze Finishing Powder and I think it is similar to the warmth! I just got a sample of warmth if you want me to take a pic of them next to each other.
  3. I definitely like Everyday Minerals more. More shades plus it's cheaper! Feels more natural than BE as well.
  4. EM was horrible. Couldn't find a good match, felt dry and chalky on my skin, and wore off almost instantly.
    I was devoted to BE for ore than a year. I thought I liked how it looked, but none of the limited color selection was a good match and it tended to make my pores look huge.
    Meow Cosmetics is my mineral foundation of choice. It doesn't look dry on my skin but still keeps the oilies at bay. With the LARGE variety of colors, I've been able to find a match. I love it!
  5. I have recently been trying MMU. I like the BE Mineral Veil and blushes, but the colors aren't a good match for me and my pores are enhanced. I am wearing EM for the first time today. I tried the intensive, but just ordered a sample of the original.

    What is the best MMU for normal to dry skin? Anyone know?
  6. I just ordered a sample kit of EM and requested the intensive which is supposed to give a more dewy look. I will have to wait and see. I was also afraid that it would make my skin look too dry!!

    BTW - I am in SA too!!
  7. do you girls wear a primer under your mineral foundation?
    I got the Smashbox Photofinish primer when I was still wearing liquid foundation, and it did nothing for me at all, but I haven't tried it with a mineral foundation yet. I have an event to attend tomorrow and I wanna try it but I don't have the time to make any mistakes. I've used mineral foundation right after putting on moisturizer, and one day when I probably overdid it a bit with the moisturizer, I noticed the foundation looking a bit mask-like. :shrugs:
  8. i know exactly what you mean with the smashbox! i used to use it with liquid foundation, but it really did nothing for me-maybe a little smoother, but nothing to justify using a primer versus not. however, i decided to try it under my mineral make-up because it just wasn't really going on the way i wanted it too, and it was looking a tad cakey, and i think the primer definitely helps my mineral foundation to look better/last longer/not look as masky. my face just feels better-you should definitely give it a try :tup:.
  9. If my skin is really dry, I'll put on moisturizer before using BE - just have to make sure it's all soaked in or you do end up with that cakey feeling.

    Otherwise, I use Smashbox Photo Finish under my BE. It's wonderful! Just give the Smashbox 30-60 seconds to dry before you put on your BE. Except my mascara and often my eyeliner, EVERYTHING in my makeup routine comes from Smashbox or BE.
  10. thanks, jc2239 and illinirdhd :tup:
  11. I tried BE but the colours weren't great - I'm pale and freckly. I didn't feel it gave me a flawless look. I'm now using a UK brand - Lily Lolo ( and am finding the colours much better for my skintone.
  12. I've used light-reflecting lotion under Lumiere Luminesse foundation. It looks good and helps it stay on better. Luminesse is really light though; I think with something like BE it might look too heavy...

    I haven't tried Meow, but maybe I'll give it a try. EM was horrible for me, too. None of the colors were a good match :nogood: BE really is my favorite, it just gets SO expensive!

    I like Luminesse-- it's cheap, it looks fantastic when I first put it on and in pictures, but it doesn't last at all :sad: The only reason I tried the light reflecting lotion as a primer was because I was desperate to get the stuff to stay on my face!! It works pretty well, but I have to reapply after 4-6 hours, even with a setting powder! I never had these problems with BE, so I might just switch back :shrugs: