Barcode Tag Question. Coach SA's please help.

  1. I bought an Ali in Whiskey as a graduation gift for a close relative. The nice SA in the Coach boutique wrapped it and put it in a gift box for me. I took it home and wanted to show my mom what I bought and so I opened the box, only to discover there is no barcode tag!! The SA might have removed it... My only concern is, the Whiskey color has a vintage look and there are already some scratches on the bag. I wonder if it needs to be returned because the person doesn't like the gift or later on I change my mind and need to buy something else, will I have trouble returning the Ali with no price tag on it? (I have the original receipt and gift receipt though) Gosh, after reading that thread where people returning used bags to Coach... I am a little concerned now.

    So, please, if anyone knows whether a new (but with vintage look with scratches) bag can be returned without price tag... please help. Thank you.
  2. well, the nature of the legacy involves scratches. so don't worry about that.

    just show them your receipt/gift receipt and there shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Your bag can be returned without price tags. Often when we know that it's a gift, when we take the bag to the back to wrap it we'll remove the price tag completely. A new one can be attached at the store to resell the bag. The Ali in that vintage looking Whiskey leather is gorgeous! Scratches are just the nature of that Legacy leather and they add to the charm of it. I love that bag! But that's just my .02. Either way you'll have no trouble returning it.