barcode print on LB

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  1. Looks like the new barcode print is up on!

  2. oooh, checking it out now!
  3. The barcode is not my style of print - however I just noticed the Ravais Satchel in Sage and I love this!
  4. Not for me- thank goodness.
  5. I love the blue and black together but it's just not my style. It feels too 80's for me and is lacking in the details that I always loved about LAMB.
  6. I like the blue/black combo too. BUT. I am DYING to know the reason for the VERY AWKWARD placement of the gold text!

    It's sad enough that it's printed (lack of hardware) and maybe even too small, especially for the bigger bags. I personally don't like that the block of text is aligned left. Throws off the balance on the larger styles. And why is it that this block of text is printed into the "barcode" on the Williamsfield and Melbourne but not on the Percy? Feels like it should have been printed slightly higher where it's all black. Excuse me for sounding so nitpicky. As a designer, I can't get over this issue.

    Also, no gold foiling on the embossing of the interior leather patch. Why even have it there if it's going to be all dark and not very visible? I guess to maintain that dark theme?

    On a positive note, I think "Williamsfield Jr." (Percy) is a cute size. Though drop size may be too small for it to be a shoulder bag?
  7. Not liking this at all. I thought the quality of the Spring line was bad, but the barcode line just topped it.
  8. Interesting, but I don't think it's for me. These pictures are the nicest I've seen of the print so far. I do love Luna Boston's pictures.
  9. ^^Yes, they do always have good ones for reference!
  10. WOWZA, these bags look almost like knock-offs, I can't believe the awful quality. I don't think that a newbie would even believe that the newer lines and the older lines where produced by the same company.

    Cheaping out much, are we? This sounds strange, but I don't know that I like the new uber-low price-point, kind of makes me feel like good quality bags, older season are going to diminish in value by quite a bit.

    I remember when 'Soft Signature' was just a line/idea, now it is exclusively the LAMB signature collection.

    I have to say I am VERY VERY disappointed in LAMB; PVC ON LEATHER BAGS, and CHEAPED OUT SIGGY = YUCK!
  11. it's really sad how last year at this time we were drooling over the Music line, and now we're like so turned off to these new ones.

    the quality has been declining with each new line. sad.
  12. ^I've told the Nordie's SAs that I wish there was a return to the classic quality sig line and they told me that there have been people expressing the same comments as well.
  13. ^^Well then maybe somehow our voices will be heard!!
  14. I remember the days when Nords could not keep the bags on the shelf! If you wanted one, you had better buy it at that moment because literally it would be gone by the next day.

    Now all the LAMB bags sit on the shelf and never move until they are relocated to the markdown table.

    And even at the lower price point, I still think they're overpriced for what they are. No harm in waiting for them to hit the outlest because there's always an abundance!
  15. ^^Right! Except for those of us, like me, who really don't have any acess to any of the Outlet stores for L.A.M.B.
    I still have yet to travel up to Great Lakes Crossing in Michigan where they have an Off 5th. Maybe someday. Until then...... the net is my source for my L.A.M.B. addiction.