1. i just came back a few months ago. we had the BEST lobster paella at casa majos. it was recommended by someone at our hotel.

    i agree with Toomz, shopping is great on passeig de gracia. and i did the bus turistic too. it helped us navigate through the city without worrying about getting lost. it stops at all the major tourist attractions.

    hope you have a great time!
  2. Tooomz, thanks for the tips and taking the time to write everything that I need to know.

    Awbrat, thanks to you too; the paella looks so good! I'm drooling....

    I hope I'll be able to see a lot of things in 2 days. I will try the restaurants you guys recommended.
  3. As a local, I agree with Toomz: La Gavina. In summer sometimes is difficult to find a table. If it's so, go to L'Arròs (it's really close to La Gavina). It is run by the same owners, and there you will only find rice dishes.
    The adress and phone number:
    Passeig Joan de Borbó 12

    Also "El merendero de la Mari" is a real good place (but better as a second option).
  4. I'm in Barcelona now. I highly recommend the bus turistic. I would do the red line one day and the blue line the other. Get off at a few places on each line that interest you. If you start around 9 you should be done by 1 or 2pm. Then have lunch and shop after. The shops stay open until 8-although many close for lunch between 2 and 4/4:30.

    I'm not sure about paella, but my favorite places for tapas are Cal pep and Tapac 24.
  5. Enjoy! Hope you find you packed just the right things. From the sound of it you will have a lot more clothing to take back home with you. :biggrin:
  6. Hi, I am going to Barcelona for a couple days next week. It is my first time. Looking for any tips on what to do, what to see, where to eat, what to wear. Thank you!
  7. oh wow!! I've always wanted to go there... have fun, and post pics!
  8. I´ve never been but live in Spain. Make sure you take warm clothes because it is freezing here at the moment and Barcelona is even colder. I hear Goudies Park is really nice if you get a dry day.
  9. Hi there. Been to Barcelona for 2 and a half days and thoroughly enjoyed myself there. Must see places:

    Sagrada Familia
    Parc Guell
    Go inside casa mila very interesting architecture (entrance fee though)
    casa batllo (just from the outside is fine)

    must do: do tapas bar hopping (gothic quarter theres a lot of bars)
    drink hot chocolate and eat churros
    shop at lefties and mango outlet (very hard to find though)
    buy zara because it's cheap and pretty
    see a flamenco show-tablao flamenco is nice, the included buffet dinner is not bad at all. you can book this through a tour website

    places to bypass:la bocaria although I've tried having breakfast there, nothing special
    picasso museum, did not impress me at all

    if you have time, go to montserrat, scenic views

    our hotel was hotel jazz, modern and very nice location

    make sure your hotel is in this location, very convenient

    transpo- we took subway most of the time- signs in english, very easy to navigate

    hope this helps:biggrin:
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    I've been to Barcelona a few times...definitely check out all the Gaudi architecture as the previous poster listed. There are more of his buildings throughout the city, so if you pick up a tour guide, it should list a few. I think going in Casa Batllo is worth it though, if only to see the amazing mosaic detailing on the rooftop, which isn't that easy to view from the street. Another nice Gaudi building not listed above is Palau Guell, which has free entry and the most colorful chimneys (these were done by different artists inspired by Gaudi, but the rest is him). I posted a few pics on my blog last year, which can be found here, along with a few stores I featured that can be found in other posts.

    I'd also recommend visiting the Miro museum, which is around the Montjuic area. I believe the area is accessible by a cable car (although I'm not sure how far off the stop is from the museum - we took the metro).

    Food-wise, tapas are the way to go, although there are also plenty of great seafood restaurants and places specializing in paella. You'll also find many restos that offer Iberian hams as a specialized tapas option.

    The harbor area is quite pretty as well and there's a stretch of beach next to it. The main pedestrian thoroughfare is La Rambla, where you can find a lot of high street brands and the middle section turns turns into a market at certain hours. It's very touristy and quite busy during the day/evening, but it also leads directly to the harbor.

    For shopping, all Spanish retailers are cheaper in Barcelona. This includes Mango, Desigual, Custo, Zara and all Zara-owned brands (i.e. Massimo Dutti, Uterque, Pull & Bear etc. I believe most of these aren't available in the States, so check them out). For smaller boutiques, go to the El Borne and Barri Gotic districts. These districts are a little more alternative and you'll find local indie designers and contemporary multi-brand stores there, as well as smaller cafes. It's also a lot more 'local', than most of the other places which have gotten overly touristy.

    Have fun! It's a great place to visit :smile: And bundle up... as some have said, it's quite cold there at the moment.
  11. I second the motion---visit anything connected to Gaudi. You'll never forget what you've seen. The unfinished cathedral, Sagrada Familia is a world-famous landmark. Parc Gueill is awesome, too.

    Las Ramblas, the walking street that goes down to the harbor is a must. There is a big market there along with all the buskers *performing*. Don't take a photo of them without a donation. We saw people get yelled at when they did that.

    The Picasso Museum is worth a stop if you have time.
  12. ^^^I would suggest the same places along with the Picasso museum which I liked. I also thought that Parc Guell was very cool. When we were there the look out was not open but it was still pretty amazing to check everything out.
    We also took a trip to Mont Serrat but it depends how long you are in Barcelona for.
    I like Boqueria which was their outdoor food market. My favorite section for eating/shopping was El Born. You can also go to Port Olympic which has lots of places to go out at night, etc. We ate a very expensive restaurant in Port Olympic and I was not the biggest fan. El Born had tons of places.
    Good luck!
  13. Parc Guell is amazing
    Segura familia is cool, but skip the elevatore thing bc you literally walk down like 1000000000 stairs and its super narrow and you cant get past anyone.
    "Born" is such a cute area you can go there walk around and eat and have some drinks
    Las Rambla of course
  14. Thank you so much! So excited to see the surreal architecture. Everyone says I will love it. Thanks again! xx