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  1. The grills ready, and I'm taking orders! What'll you be having? We've got hamburgers, cheeseburgers, garden burgers, and hot dogs! If you're extra hungry, I'll make you a double, but remember, you can have seconds too. I'll be having two cheeseburgers with melted cheese, adding some ketchup, and no veggies. (This was my dinner tonight hehe. So yummy.) A diet coke, too. Feel free to grab a soda from the bottomless cooler over there. So what'll it be?
  2. cheeseburger with lettuce, ketchup and pickles. and an icy diet coke, please!
  3. I'll have a thick juicy burger with lots of onions and mustard, and a Coke! mmmmmmmmm!!!
  4. Right on.
    Throw a nice slab of seasoned salmon and maybe a couple of kebobs made up with onion, and a variety of bell peppers.:drool:
    Oh, and I'll also have a National Hebrew dog minus the bun, but smothered in mustard while your at it.
    Raspberry ice tea too please.
  5. Garden burger for me ...with cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and mayo!