Barbaro euthanized

  1. sad news -- the great thoroughbred barbaro, last year's kentucky derby winner, was euthanized today from complications resulting from his breakdown at the preakness. here's to you big guy -- :heart:

    Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro euthanized - Thoroughbred Times
  2. hey mods :heart: -- i'd PM you byut i don't know how. barbaro is an american sports hero who just happened to be a horse, and i think there are folks in the general audience who might be interested to see this news and never venture into the animals forum. i posted there because i thought it had wider relevance than just to animal lovers.

    of course i respect whatever you decide -- your place, your rules. just thought i'd mention why i had put it there so you don't think i'm a complete fool. (notwithstanding that i am, in fact, a complete fool for other reasons. :p )
  3. Well, we all knew that.:p

    Sad news about Barbaro.:sad:
  4. :sad: he had such a great spirit!
  5. Sorry to hear the news. I was really rooting for him. He was a beautiful horse.
  6. Agree. It is importamt news. Maybe you can put a link to this thread in the Celebrity section ot General Discussion and lock those threads so comments only go here.

    Mods, what do you think?
  7. Poor horse. I have always been against horse racing...
  8. :sad: Sad news indeed,I had high hopes for a brighter outcome.
  9. Godspeed you grand and wonderful spirit. May your pain and suffering be forgotten in your next life.
  10. :crybaby: tragic news :crybaby:
  11. I almost cried when I read that! I really thought he can make it! My dad was also sad, he loves horses.
  12. I am so bummed... I really thought he was going to make it and was keeping my fingers crossed for him.:crybaby: :crybaby:
  13. God bless his owners. They spent a fortune trying to keep him alive when they would of gotten a payout on the insurance of $20 million dollars if they would of put him down right after the accident.
  14. I just now read this on Foxsports. :crybaby: I love horses as much as I love dogs, hell, animals in general for that matter. I so wish they could have kept him alive and without suffering. I know it broke their hearts to have to put him down. :crybaby: :crybaby: