Barbara Walters: 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010 (Any Guesses?)

  1. Anyone wanna guess who the Most Fascinating Person of 2010 might be?
    My guess - and this is based on the previews I've seen and who I think is likely on the list but hasn't been shown yet in any teaser or preview - is Lady Gaga.

    Certainly one of the most talked about celebs this year.

    So far, I've seen Justin Bieber, the cast of Jersey Shore, Jennifer Lopez, Betty White, Sarah Palin in previews or commercials for the show, but I haven't seen Lady Gaga at all.

    Barbara Walters said on The View this morning that David Letterman almost guessed - I didn't see her on his show last night.

    Anyone else care to guess?

    (the show is on ABC tonight at 10:00 EST/9:00 CST)
  2. probably Prince Williams fiance. Or she will be next year
  3. Totally agree about JLo. What did she do in 2010 that was so noteworthy other than becoming AI's umpteenth replacement judge?? I didn't see Steven Tyler's name on the list and he bacame a new AI judge. JLo Fail.

    All the others?? Agree. Except for Gaga. Girl is strange. Might as well put Perez Hilton on there if you're looking for flamboyant.
  4. I saw Kate Middleton's name on the list (as others have mentioned), so I don't think she's got the top spot (but I agree with you -- maybe next year she will be No. 1, depending on how all the wedding stuff goes)

    I don't get why Jennifer Lopez is on this year's list either -- she's a new AI Judge and she's got a new kids' clothing line, but how is that fascinating?

    Hmmm, who else made a name for themselves this year that could be it (if it's not Lady Gaga)?:thinking:

    (and just to clarify - just because I THINK it's Lady Gaga, doesn't mean I agree. I don't think she's all the fascinating -- I don't get all the hype around her at all!)
  5. Agreed.

    Similarly, I laughed when I saw the previews for Matt Lauer's interview with Kim Kardashian (for NBC's "People of the Year"). I wonder what factors these networks use when selecting these people. The clip they kept showing was of Kim saying, "There's so much people don't know about me" (or something along those lines). The fact that an entire industry thrives on people like Kim Kardashian, the cast of Jersey Shore, etc (US Weekly, nightly entertainment shows, E!) makes me sad--and is one of the many reasons I don't have cable!

    I guess I just don't find celebrities all that fascinating. Take away the Youtube "rise to fame," the failed marriages/infidelity, the crazy costumes or the trips overseas to adopt children and you basically have a group of overpaid and generally uninteresting people. Just my humble opinion :biggrin:
  6. Lady Gaga was one of the top 10 last year, so I don't see her being in there again this year.

    Oprah is in there this year, isn't she?
  7. Will absolutely not watch after seeing some of the names. I don't get it and thought I was just old. LOL
  8. I would like to see Mark Zuckerberg on this list.
  9. ^^Good choice and George Clooney for his charitable work.
    There are so many people who are doing good in the world and lead interesting lives.
  10. I would guess the rescued Chilean miners have to be on there.
  11. Wonder about the Facebook creator would coincide with the movie they did and Justin Timberlake getting Oscar buzz.
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    Oh, yeah, Walters is just interviewing Oprah, guess she's not actually in the top 10.

    I wonder if Kesha, the singer, will be in there or maybe Taylor Swift? :lol:. I don't necessarily thing its the most fascinating people as it is who is going to bring in the most ratings.
  13. She could be since she is creating her own OWN Network LOL!
  14. I completely agree! Why not someone like someone else said: why not George Clooney for his charitable work? Or Angelina Jolie also? Or Anderson Cooper? Someone who made a difference, etc.

    But I think its going to be :sick: Kim Kardashian :throwup: And I dont think she's fascinating at all, just a fame-whore.