Barbara Bui Metallic Silver Opinions??

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  1. Very chic! I like it!
  2. This style is not for me, but I did have a crush on her Paris Bag, which is gone. It did look heavy to me so I didn't get it. I'm looking forward though to looking up her fall collection:
  3. I think that bag is gorgeous, and the dull silver with the gold trim will match almost every outfit.
  4. Yeah, glad to hear that you love it! I have been intrigued by her bags, but have never seen one IRL. Could you do all of us a favor and tell us more about the bag as well as post pics?
    How heavy is the bag? What's the leather like? What's the it easy to get in/out of? Can you easily carry it on your shoulder? Stuff like that.......I think it's a beauty!
    Thanks SO much:yes:
  5. i'll try and post pics later...this one bc its metallic, has kind of a crinkly look to it, like crackled leather...and surprisingly (as i hadnt seen it in person either) is open on top as it says online, but has a snap closure...and...this is the best part (i think) it has a compartment across the middle which is zippered separating the bag into two parts, almost like a botkier trigger back but slimmer b/c its a's not heavy at all...def happy with my decision...will post pics later...