Baptism attire - need suggestions on a nice top!

  1. I'm going to a Christening this Sunday and my SO is the Godfather. I'm at a loss for a top. :confused1: We're in NY, it's cold - below freezing. I bought a nice pair of black dress slacks from H&M and a pair of square-toe high-heeled leather boots from Aldo (they'll go under the pants) to go with them. Now for a top - what's appropriate? Link me, give me pics - all ideas welcome! I have 2 sweaters right now I'm playing between - a white one from Express I've never worn because I think it shows tummy bulge and a cranberry one from Nordstroms that I'm hesitant to wear because I wore it for Thanksgiving, where the family saw me - but I don't think they'd notice? :shrugs: Arg - suggestions people! :hysteric:
  2. I don't see a problem with wearing clothes again, as long as it's with a distinctly different outfit.