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Please get some Common Sense
May 14, 2006
Debuting July 23rd at 10PM EST, "BAPs" pulls back the curtain on an exclusive, privileged and cultured group of African-American friends from St. Louis who are self-proclaimed Black American Princesses and Princes. Following lifelong friends who are educated and sophisticated, each episode will give us a peek into their affluent lifestyles and social circles.

The press release reads:

Dressed to the nines with egos to spare, there is no shortage of conflict, humor and heart among the group that includes Anisha, Kristen, Gina, Jason, Riccarda and Brandon. With a dynamic that can change from BFFs to frenemies at the drop of a hat, together they attend St. Louis’ most exclusive social institutions and events… but no occasion is conflict-free. Competing to be the most successful and beautiful person in their circle is sure to bind and divide them, especially when Anisha’s boyfriend, Kendrick, and his niece, Rai-Rai, represent everything a BAP is not.



Jun 4, 2006
Watched the trailer. If they are so cultured and classy, they would not be screaming at each other.

And no offense to fans of Michael kors, but I would imagine a princess carrying a kelly or birkin.