Baow chicka baow baow...

  1. Slowly she reveals herself... this is going to be one hot show...


    Despite the blistering cold, off come the ribbons... :graucho:
  2. You are awful! First you keep us waiting for the forum to be back up and now this? You guys are driving me :nuts:!!!!
  3. us the goods!
  4. woo hoooooooooo!
  5. OMG this is agonizing! What's it the pretty boxes?!
  6. At least the show has finally begun! Where are the dollar bills?? Who has the music??
  7. Ha Ha there are 12 people in the span of three minutes in here!!
  8. :dothewave: with the title...its gonna be a blast!:p
  9. awwww guys...after the tpf being down for two days we gotta get a strip...ok...come onnnn take it offf :woohoo::woohoo:
  10. aaaw Vlad wasnt it sadistic enough to cut us off the for hours and hours, do you really want to keep torturing us? REVEAL!!! :nuts:
  11. Oh..thank goodness!!
  12. Bada bing:popcorn:more, more
  13. Her innocent, white wrapping paper violently flapping in the chilling winds of Columbus...

  14. :dothewave::dothewave:
  15. OOHHH!!! Strip-show time! I especially love the little intro ditty. Get to it!!!