Bans...does anyone really make it through them?

  1. I'm dying here! This is my first really 'long term' ban. I'm determined to make it through the holidays without purchasing ANY ( for the two I acquired right around the very beginning of my 'ban'. But those don't resolve wasn't in place yet :graucho:). Naturally, I may add one or two to my Christmas Wish List...but that's another story.

    I don't think I've gone more than perhaps 30 days (if that) without purchasing a new bag since my handbag Condition started. Every time a red Elisha pops up I just groan. If a NWT brown Parker pops up I will have to ask my family to lock me out of my own computer. I will definitely have to do so after the next sample sale as I'm afraid to see what ends up on eBay!

    Has anyone imposed a ban and then really stuck to it? Does it get easier? I have not broken my habit of surfing sites to stare at the gorgeous bags wistfully. Don't know that I can! I'm going to have to get one of those countdown bars....

    Ack!!! :sweatdrop:
  2. I am right there with you. I started in mid-August and have been going steady ever since. This is a sickness I think. I have all these new purses and keep looking for more! My hubby would kill me if he saw all these.. I can't stop looking either!!:nuts:
  3. I think many of us have been where you are right now.

    For me, bans did not work. I found I hunted the internet even more during them.

    The key for me is to stop surfing eBay. That slowed down my buying by quite a bit.

    Also, I put so much money into an account, a handbag account. Nothing else is paid out of that fund and when it is dry, no more buying. It works for me.

    Hang in there.
  4. I start out sayimg I am not going to buy anything this week. Usually I cant make it. And it seems that I always have something coming in the mail. I think I am going on my second week with out buying anything. But I keep trying to find something. I am taking it week by week now. I would like to slow down for the Holidays. Sorry gotta go an auction ends in a few that I want to bid on LOL!
  5. What's a ban? (kidding) I know the Holiday's are coming and my two kids have birthday's in the next two months. I keep saying no more too. December is going to come before you know it. I already know that I am not getting ANYTHING!!! I agree with the Ebay ban---staying away from where the deals are usually works...My husband would STROKE OUT if he saw all my new bags, seriously :angel::angel::angel::angel:
  6. You girls are too funny! I always think that maybe I should start a ban...but it doesn't work! My deal is if I want a new one, I have to sell a different one and that usually works for me.
  7. KoobaMe, I'm right there with you! I'm just taking a deep breath at the moment, but it's very hard..I'm determined to make an effort to last 'till after Christmas, how sad would it be to be totally broke when all the new Spring stuff comes out..Thankfully I'm enjoying myself a great deal watching everybody's new purchases, so I think my greatest addiction is the internet...
  8. Oh KoobaMe, I understand fully. I agree with Lindy, that steering clear of eBay is a good step. I check in there every day and that's always my downfall... I see a great bag and I want it, especially if it's a good deal. Just the other day I saw that green Marcelle and I was so tempted to get it, since BIN $200 was a great price. BUT, although it was a great price, did I really want a green Marcelle? Before seeing it, no I didn't want a green bag. Unfortunately for me 'a great deal' seems to come before finding a 'must have bag' and that's where I'm going wrong. How can a great deal be that much of a great deal for me when I never wanted the bag beforehand? How ridiculous is that? I know banning myself from eBay will never work, I've somehow got to learn to resist what I see.
  9. Bans don't work for me either! Actually, I've only tried it once, and I knew there was just no point. As LSR said, I seemed to look more when on my supposed ban. I put 'must have' bags in my watch list, and when it gets close to ending, I check the bank and paypal accounts! My solution is, if I can't buy it without putting it on a credit card, then I don't buy! It seems to be far.
  10. I've never made it though a ban, though I've attempted twice. I thought it would help to put something in my signature about my ban... it made me feel more committed to it. Boo! I bought something within 3 days...

    I've been getting a little better lately though. My new motto is if I want to buy, then I've got to sell something and use the money from my PalPal account for new bags. So far, it's working. It certainly makes me more selective of the bags I buy, since I know once the money is gone I'd have to part with something else in order to keep buying. Heck, I've been pondering that Kooba Hannah clutch for weeks now. Perhaps I've turned a new leaf. Ha! ;)

    I've also been trying to enjoy some of the bags I bought earlier this year and didn't use much. My black Brynne recently came out of hiding and has been on my arm for a couple of weeks now. How fun!
  11. No, never. Bans don't work if you really want something, and usually there are always ways to get past it f.ex. by not including accessoires (scarves or shoes=P).
  12. I'm testing out a ban right now. I'll let you know how it goes! ;) Seriously, I have got to slow down. I have bought about 8-9 bags since September, and I have never sold anything on eBay and am not really sure how to go about it, so nothing as of yet is going out! Also, I actually really like them all. :s I'm trying to avoid buying anything until my trip to Vegas in December, because I know I will be tempted there. I still check eBay, though (I have really wanted a Botkier Bianca, and if I found one in a good color for a good price, I know I would break my ban). I also have another loophole in that I was thinking of getting my sister a Kooba for Christmas. That's not really breaking a ban if it's a gift, is it? :smile:
  13. LOL! Some of the responses made me giggle. I was supposed to be on a ban back in July...and actually took my laptop on vacation to Lake Mojave in order to watch certain auctions and check sales! I acquired my cognac Marcelle on the 4th of July! How ridiculous is that!? Needless to say that was the end of that ban attempt.

    Thanks for the great suggestions, shared experiences and the commiseration! :heart::heart::heart:

    KoobaLover, I've been doing the same since beginning my ban and it really made me realize that I have some jewels that haven't gotten enough well as how many I had I could part with as I hadn't touched them in MONTHS but had to have back when I acquired them!

  14. Uh....NO!!:lol: I was sworn off buying ANY more bags until next spring AND then I saw the green Marcelle Minimouse was speaking of and I HAD to have it. I mean I checked here and Minimouse and Halzer both said it was authentic and it was such a great price! Well then I've also been wanting a black Marcelle for a long time so I saw Nunnla had one this morning - good price- AND so I snagged that too! I am SOO happy but SOO broke!! Ok, I swear no more purses until next summer:lol:!
  15. ^Right on, KoobaMe! Bring some of those old gals out of hiding and show them a good time. It's definitely not the same feeling as getting a new bag, but it is fun to bring one out that hasn't seen the light of day in a while.

    BTW, I love your title "Banned. Big Time." How appropriate. Don't worry... we'll be here for you during your moments of weakness and enable you to break your ban. Only if you need us to... He He. :devil: