Bans are made to be least when it comes to...


Never not trying
Feb 6, 2008
valley girl x city girl
MY UHG!!!!

Tiger Decolletes in size 41!!!!

So some of you may remember my dark hours last week when I was in trouble for buying more CLs after I said I was going to stop spending like a drunken sailor. Well, when D and I smoothed that over, I promised him I really was going to keep it in gear. But, I asked that he make one exception for me. If the Tiger Decolletes came up, could I please, please, please get them. I also told him it was seriously unlikely, as I have been searching for them since late last fall, but I had to be prepared. He knew that I had wanted them all along, so he said okay...

Well, with the help and keen eye of My Purse Addiction, I got them! An eBay seller listed them today and accepted my offer!!!!! I truly can't believe it. I got them for retail, but I am just so glad to have them!

Thank you, MPA!!!!

Nov 27, 2007
People on our little CL sub-forum are seriously awesome. I love how we all look out for each other and help each other out! Good eye My Purse Addiction. Now get looking for my UGH!

Jetsetgo- congratulations on finally getting your UGH shoe! Such a deal too! What better way to start (and stick to!) your ban than with your UGH shoe! What are the chances! Please post pics when you get them- I bet they'll look amazing on!


Mar 3, 2007
New York
So many of us here have been helping each other finding their HG lately, such good karma.
JSG, I know how great it is to find your HG especially when you've been searching for it for so long. I can't wait to see your modeling photos.