Banner Week, 2 New Bags!!! Red Patent Ergo!!!

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  1. It's been a LONG time since I've gotten 2 new bags in one week!!! :yahoo::wlae:

    I am in SERIOUS lust with my patent ergo. It was so worth the wait.

    Anyway............. Here's the pix!!!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. WOW :wtf::wtf: That red makes a statement! I saw the black one the other day and it was light as a feather. The red is gorgeous! Congrats, you'll be turning heads all over town.:happydance:
  4. I am loving that red ergo!! And the straw is adorable! Great purchases:smile: Modeling pics!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. The ergo pic didn't come out very well! [​IMG]
  7. I'm loving how you can see my laundry on my table. NIIIIIIICE!!!

    That's what I'm supposed to be doing today!!! :whistle:
  8. Wow. They're equally lovely. And I didn't know that both bags were as big as they are. Thanks for the visual. :biggrin:
  9. Very pretty bags!!! Congrats and enjoy them!!!
  10. WOW! Gorgeous Ergo! I never thought I'd like a patent bag but that is TDF! You are going to draw lots of attention with that one!
    Love the straw bag, too! I've wanted one all spring but never did it! Hope you enjoy your new babies!
  11. You chose two gorgeous bags. That red Ergo is such a POP of COLOR! Enjoy!! :tup:
  12. Okay, I'm really bored at work so I played with the red photo to see if I could brighten it a bit. The size really looks good on you.

  13. Wow both bags are gorgeous!
    That red bag is HOT!!! Congrats!
  14. They are both so nice, the straw one is so great for this summer, oh and that red ergo is just beautiful, enjoy!!
  15. :drool:THATS HOT!!:drool: