banned, unbanned, banned..sigh

  1. well, as u all may know, im on a bag ban..

    but then again..since im exchanging my mini lin bucket for a damier belem pm...i guess that keeps my excitement going..:graucho:

    but..went to bloomy's this weekend................................refrained :crybaby:from going to LV in beverly center :hysteric:..and became a juicy couture fan :shame:..

    i bought a juicy couture bag (and clothes). :Push:

    i'm changing my ban to an LV-only ban. :jammin::love:
  2. Oohh, rensky, I know how you feel! But rest assured, even I broke my promise (which you've seen). However, what is now keeping me on my toes is my bank account...eek, it's not pretty, and I'm almost regretting my impulse buy.

    Sometimes I wonder if this will be my last LV...nah...and thanks for wishing me luck on my test!
  3. I feel your pain...not enough $$$ for my high end bites...but, I do have 2 great LV bags and some sooo proud that I own a little of the good stuff...enough ban ban ban...when I calculate how many hours I must work to afford a bag me get ban it have enough already...
  4. wow!! im so glad for u!! now if i only could keep 2 and sell the rest .. :roflmfao:

  5. we gotta keep our promise together!!! :lecture:

  6. LOL, I do the opposite...ban everything else, so I can have more LV ;) I do have have other brands, but find myself using LV the most.
  7. awww rensky.....I know your pain! I went to LV this weekend and left empty handed! I'm holding out until my birthday (which is coming up soon)!
  8. OH OH OH OH UR 3000TH POST IS WITHIN MY THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: