Banned from COACH for buying "as is" merchandise????

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  1. I've been reading with interest all the threads either here or on eBay about sellers being banned from COACH. The general consensus seems to be that COACH is trying to protect its image as well as its product.

    I've had good success with purchasing "as is" wallets and bags from the COACH outlet and selling them on eBay.

    Those of you much more experienced than me, will that raise red flags as well? The logic in me says it should be okay since the items are already stamped for no return, but then I don't want to become overly confident and get slapped with a ban letter.

    I make purchases about once a month.

    Any advice is welcome. Thanks.
  2. I have bought 4 As Is items since Feb. I haven't been told no.
  3. If Coach has no problem selling them I don't see that being the reason why they don't want you to sell "as is" either. I believe in free enterprise but I guess Coach just doesn't want people selling their product who are not authorized to do so, and they have no control over it. I think that is the main issue.
  4. I don't think 1 item a month will flag you for any reason - the people who get banned are usually making thousands of dollars of purchases per month.
  5. You shouldn't be concerned, especially at outlets-- they're not as strict there about it as they are at regular price boutiques. I don't think you have anything to worry about unless you're dropping 2 G's a week at the outlet.