BankofAmerica spam email

  1. Oh my. At least they could have used spell check before they sent it. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Your Online Banking is Blocked
    Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts on you account, we had to believe that, their might be some security problem on you account. So we have decided to put an extra verification process to ensure your identity and your account security. Please click on ******************* to continue to the verification process and ensure your account security. It is all about your security. Thank you. and visit the customer service section.

  2. Make sure to forward to BOA's spoof department.
  3. Ugh, I got this type of email a while back and I don't even HAVE a B of A account! These kinds of scams are rampant nowadays.
  4. this has been happening to Wachovia accounts too.
  5. i just got one of those today, too. ticked me off (mostly because i get super paranoid...)