Bank wire transfer - safe?

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  1. I have a ebay member who has 0 feedback, just registered out of korea on jan 27th and wanting to purchase a bag from me for over $1k. I declined to accept her paypal because she has no confirmed paypal.So she agrees to do a bank wire. is recieving a bank wire safe from the sellers side?

  2. i would assume it would be safe for you... but wait for other responses. i've never had wired anyone such a large sum for a bag nor have i ever had a buyer wire me that much money either.
  3. I know we should give people the chance but there is a lot happening with that buyers details that would make me wary - just be careful.
  4. Bank wire transfer is totally safe for you as a seller it's more unsafe for the buaer as they don't have any protection like Paypal. Bank wiretransfer is a really normal thing to do on the German Ebay just profesionell seller accept Paypal here. I don't accept Paypal on my national transactions just when I sell internationally.
  5. I have had no problems with wire transfers.
  6. how do you do a wire transfer? do you need to give your bank account #? isn't that unsafe?
  7. I personally do NOT want to give out my personal bank account and routing number to anyone. My bank will NOT process an outgoing wire if its for an ebay transaction overseas. (they have had this policy in effect for 2 years). I'm pretty diligent about anything with my account # on it. My bank even has checks with a barcode on the bottom instead of the bank account number now. LOVE that!
  8. i've send and sent payment through wire transfers...
    it's way cheaper than western union.
    and yes, u have to give ur full name, acc number and swift code / router number.
  9. I've received international bank wires for amounts more than $1000. No problems thus far... is it possible for crooks to transfer funds OUT of your bank account once they have your account details??

    As for what info you need to give your buyer to effect the wire, just ask your bank.
  10. You only need to give your name, your bank's name and branch, account number and IBAN/SWIFT code for international bank wires. It is perfectly safe to give these information IMO. :yes: To transfer money out of your account, they would need more than these numbers. They would either need to access your online banking service or telephone banking service and both of which require your security code to log in. As long as your security code is safe, it should be no problem. Oh and of course keep your CC/debit card details SAFE too. :P
  11. How about receiving payment through bidpay?
  12. Wear if you are feeling worried about it would you not consider just not selling to this person if you have a bad feeling?
  13. I bank with bank of america and have had 4-5 bank wires over the last 5 years and have never have problems what so ever. I just wanted to hear others opinions! thanks
  14. I personally wouldnt. Only becuase Im super anal about giving out any of my personal information. And to give out a BANK ACCOUNT # to someone you dont know?? Nope. Theres got to be another way??
  15. Some sellers won't give their bank account coz if you encounter bad faith buyer or professional crime, you'll be the crime victim. They'll have all your bank information such as your bank acc. #, full name, home addr., bank name, bank addr.

    Otherwise, your buyer also has no protection with send money by Bank-Wire.

    For reference, Let-Trade somtimes accept bank-wire for big amount of transaction as PayPal fees so high for seller.