Bank Wire to CL boutiques

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 30, 2012
    Hello ladies

    i am interested in purchasing a pair from Paris, however they only accept bank wire, ive never purchased anything thru bank wire so i wanted to know if this was safe

    Thank you
  2. Bella's done it with the Paris boutiques. You should be fine.
  3. if you can get a hold of st honore... they can transfer the shoes to their store and you can pay by amex.
  4. ok thanks guys. ill try transferring the shoe to St. Honore and see what they say. :smile:
  5. Hi, Yes I do confirm, only St Honoré accept Amex! I am used to buy to Paris boutique with bank wire, and everything have always been all right.
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    I have been trying for over a month to get a pair of shoes from Grenelle that I paid for with a wire transfer. I made the transfer 8/24 and they are still telling me they haven't received it while my bank keeps telling me its there and that it arrived 8/'s become kind of a nightmare for me and I don't know who to believe anymore, the bank or the boutique all I know is I don't have the money or the shoes.

    I did it because i didn't think it would be that much of a problem since they seem to do it all the time and I read that a lot of business in Europe is done with wire transfers. Maybe I'm an idiot for believing that.

    honestly I think it would be better to see if you could have the shoes transferred into a boutique you have dealt with before that you can use a credit card. Its definitely the way I'm going to go next time.

    Whichever way you go Good Luck and I hope you get great shoes!!
  7. Wow, that sucks! Can't you show them proof that this transaction was processed? A bank statement, reciept etc.?
  8. I have the proof that the $ left my account but if they dont see it on there end they wont send the shoes. Every time I contact Grenelle no matter what info I give them or ask for, wether I email of call, their answer is there is no sign of the wire...if they respond at all.

    My banks no help either.they ran a trace and told me today that the money arrived at the french bank but didn't verify the owner of the account its in. Does no good if its in the wrong account. I insisted they give me proof that its the boutiques account and that they have a rep from the french bank call them. i hope that fixes everything.

    I'm mad at them all right now.:mad: I just want my shoes:crybaby:

    ( I needed that little :rant:)
  9. yazzie ...i would go crazy at them :P Seriously thats CRAP! :hugs:
  10. Yazzie- If it turns out they can't give you proof of where it went, demand your money back and maybe try to rewire it again. I know how you feel. I have a situation where I have been trying to get a pair of shoes repaired to three months now and it just one thing after another. French customs has held them hostage for over two weeks now!
    I hope you get it straightened out.
  11. ok ladies i called St honroe and some reason they told me they couldnt do it and told me to call london if i wanted to use a cc?? I got the email from the SA with the bank transfer however, im not quite sure if i understood what to do. She said the price for the is 689.80 euro and 50 euro to send it to me (739.5 euro)???? PLease help!
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    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
    Thanks IMMA and NANI for the support and advice.:hugs:

    I hope Cutoms frees your shoes NANI!

    CLs are not just shoes, they're and education! I never knew so much about international shipping/ banking, customs laws, taxes and never paid as much attention to exchage rates before i found louboutins

    chanell0ve, I'm pretty sure VAT is deducted before you pay. Grenelle quoted me the price without tax and i just added the shipping to it but they specified it was without tax. It wouldnt hurt to ask st. honore to be sure.
  15. Ok ladies question, so I finally found a pair at st honroe however theyre saying they don't accept Amex and only do bank transfer as well? Is this their new policy now? I spoke to Steve and he said they do accept Amex but only face to face?