Bank transfer as only payment method?

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  1. Hello fellow sellers,

    I was wondering if it is possible to only list bank transfer as a payment method. I have had some big problems with PayPal in the past with regards to my own purchases and I am very hesitant to use it again.

    However, I do fear that some potential buyers may be discouraged to bid or buy because of this. Since I am new to ebay, I do not now that much about this, but after some random searches I noticed that most sellers use PayPal.

    Can you please offer some help?
  2. I would NEVER pay with bank transfer. Not even to a seller with 100000 positive feedback. Never
  3. Thank you for the replies. Seems like I need to give PayPal another chance if I want to sell my items.
  4. I did pay with bank transfer once because of my problem with paypal and had no problems. Did you have any bad experiences?
  5. I've only ever had positive experiences with paypal. Good luck, I'm sure everything will work out just fine!
  6. Depends on what ebay site you use. The german ebay for example has the possibility to only accept bank transfer, as it's the most common method of payment in the country and ebay would go out of business if they'd try.
    I don't know about UK, you can just try to set up a mock listing and see if it let's you choose only bank transfer?
  7. Ah! Good call, I am so shortsighted, I automatically went to the U.S. site without checking the OP's location.

    Here is the info for the UK site:

    Sellers may offer to accept:
    • PayPal (all sellers must offer PayPal in their listings)
    • Credit cards (including MasterCard, Visa, American Express), debit cards (Visa, Electron, Maestro), and bank electronic payments
  8. No. But this is absurd. Why would You pay with bank transfer? What if the seller doesnt send you anything? You have no recourse. none. I wouldnt even send it to seller with whom I had 1000 positive transactions. Just no.
  9. Bank transfers are very common on Ebay motors.
  10. I have paid for high-end purchases via bank transfer but only to recommended resellers who has excellent feedback.

    Like others have said, it´s allowed on ebay Germany.

    I can certainly undestand why someone would hesitate. If the seller decides to ship nothing you have absolutely no recourse.
  11. If it is a big purchase, bank transfers might turn people off. Personally I would rather cash and carry rather than bank transfer and wait for the bag to be sent over. I don't think I am able to sleep while waiting for the item to arrive! :panic:
  12. Isn't this the only method of payment for many of the Malleries sellers? Any problems when buying from them via bank wire transfer?
  13. if you sell in Ebay you HAVE to offer Paypal payment for buyer's protection.
    Been in dispute few times. Buyers normally won if items not as described or seller can't provide proof of postage.