Bank of America commercial

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  1. OK, like most folks, I ignore the commericals. After all, what better time to grab the bottle of vodka, right? But has anyone seen the BofA commercial that was aired last night on the Academy features a number of people looking into this thing that sorta looks like a solar panel, and they are seeing themselves achieving their dream, a job, or whatever. The point of the commercial is that the US is the land of opportunity, and Bof A is the best bank. The commercial is very touching.
  2. Yup..I saw this. I think it's because this is the bank that's going to allow people without Social Security numbers to apply for credit cards through B of A. The commercial shows how through them, anyone can live their dreams without restrictions.
    It's a nice idea, but I have a feeling this topic will turn into a political debate (which isn't allowed on tpf ;) )
  3. I saw this too ! great message.
  4. yep, I loved it!
  5. I missed it. I hope they show it again. What is BofA policy on opening savings account. I know alot of folk use those check cashing placing because their credit prevents them from opening an account.
  6. they play that commercial often during American Idol too... i really like it a lot. i don't often remember commercials, but this one sticks out.
  7. This is one of the best commercials i have seen so far this year...I love that it gives everyone hope!