Bangs: Yes or No?

  1. Now for awhile now I have been seeing a lot of celebrities bringing back the bang and I absolutely love the look! But I've been wondering I can pull it off. Last time I had bangs, I was in elementary school and hey looked horrible! I don't think it was the bangs themselves but the fact that my hair was ala Dorothy Hamill:lol: Now I have and appointment with my stylist in about a week and a half, but I wanted to ask here first and get some opinions, TIA :flowers:

    The looks I'm going for is something like this

    This is what I look like:

    Do you think It'll work? Or is my forehead too small for something like this?
  2. ooh, I think this would look really nice on you as you have a similar face shape to the model. To get a more similar look, though, you might need to get a rinse (if you want that darker colour) and get a GHD straightener to acheive that glossy ends-curled-under look.

    Sorry to deviate, I know your thread is bangs. OK, so... the only bad thing about bangs like this is you have to be able to put up with that tickly bangs-in-your-eyes thing. If you can stand it, then go for it! And make sure you get them long so you can side sweep them slightly (like the photo). This will make them less harsh and dramatic if it's been a while. Secondly, make sure they splice them, so you don't get that Pulp Fiction look, which can add harsh line to your face.

    Your forehead is definitely fine, but have a chat to your stylist about where the fringe will start form, as your hairline looks like it might start earlier than the models. What you don't want is a fringe that starts too far back so half your head looks like a helmet LOL

    And post pics for us!
  3. because your forehead is so small, i would suggest long wispy bangs

    but personally, i think your hair looks fine. you dont always have to give into to trends
  4. I think it would be cute. The only thing I'd be concerned about is if your hair is straight or wavy. In your pic, it looks wavy. My hair is wavy and I tried bangs and I just could not get them to work for me. I looked like I had permanent cowlicks. If your hair is straight and lays flat, I think it would be nice. I'd also get them longer so you can pull them to the side if you don't end up liking them.
  5. I think from looking at your picture I say no bangs. I think they will not flatter your features and the bangs would hide your face...and quite frankly you look better without're cute as it is.
  6. You also want to think about where you live. I'm in a humid climate, so bangs would never work for me.
  7. First I want to thank you girls fort he advice, I talked with my stylist and we decided that long frontal bangs would be a no-no, but decided that a side-swept bang would look good. I also cut off a good 8 inches off my hair, I was sooo scared and she would even let me look in the mirror until she was finished styling it so I was really anxious to see it, but I think it looks amazing and my stylist did a wonderful job :biggrin:

  8. Love it!
  9. Very cute! I really like it!
  10. Your new hairstyle look beautiful! :flowers:

    Btw, I don't think you have a small forehead at all. It looks completely normal to me :shrugs:
  11. Great choice, I personally love bang but they're not the best on everyone. I totally ignore the trends and just do what works for me, I guess it's a coincidence that I have bangs at the moment and they are in kinda popular now........
  12. I love it! Your new cut looks fabulous on you! I think you made a good choice to go with a side swept bang vs. full bang!!
  13. Looks great!
  14. OOOOH, very pretty! You make me want them!!
  15. Very chic! You look beautiful. The side bangs really suit you perfectly:tup::yes: