bangs + cowlick = GRRRR

  1. I've had bangs for a bit, yet I cannot manage to train my hair correctly so it wont split in the middle where my cowlick is. normally it wouldn't bother me, but with the wedding coming up...i need to get it to calm down! I was wondering if maybe you ladies might have some tips for me? I really dont want to have to paste it down with hairspray for the wedding (or any other time as well!)
  2. I can't help you with your problem, but I simply had to ask :shame: What's "cowlick"?!?!?! That certainly isn't a word you learn in typical European HS English classes :p
  3. hahaha.

    I guess you could say its hair that just wont TAME! Its actually, interpretation on it is that it is a piece(more then one piece of course lol) of hair in the front that only goes one way. Kind of like what men have in the back of their head...the little swirly thing their hair does when its short. God, Im horrible at explaining things. Someone will come along with a better explanation. lol
  4. you're basically right. mine is in the middle of my imagine if i was standing there and a cow came up and licked my forehead. the hair would kinda stick up from being wet and whatnot, right? except mine does that automatically even when its dry. it soooo frustrating!
  5. have you tried to flatiron them? I have a cowlick in the same place and when I had bangs, I would use a flatiron to tame them and then I would tease the hairs in the middle (where the split happens) to get them to stay in place (did that make sense?). It was a lot of work, which is why I can't wear bangs anymore (even though I love them and think they look so cute), but that might work for you :smile:
  6. I flat iron my bangs too! I have little bits of hair that keep on wanting to go to the other side of my part.
  7. The cowlick is most likely where your natural part is supposed to be. Don't fight it. Just part your hair where its supposed to be.
  8. Use your blow dryer on hot to get them where you want, then hit them with the cool option to set them in place.

    i've been training my bangs to go to the side, and when my part isn't working, that's what I do.
  9. aaah, i see, here in Germany that would be called a "Wirbel" :p THANKS!

    I have one of those on the back of my head and if I wear my hair open there's just no way that it will stay down :push: I don't really have any advice for you though. I simply got a haircut that goes better with the natural structure of my hair and has that cowlick incorporated in it so doesn't look as bad. :sweatdrop: I'm lazy, I know.