1. Does anyone have/wear any of the bangles? Reviews??
  2. I got one for Christmas from my teens. It's beautiful but it's very big. I have tiny wrists tho.
  3. they're nice, but for those of us whos hand aren't very flexible they wont fit over your hand. I have small wrists but my thumb and pinkey finger dont smoosh together so well so I can't get them over those knuckles.
  4. Yea my hands are kinda man-ish so I can't fit em. :sad:
  5. same ^^
  6. I've got one in silver/orangey pink. Its gorgeous and I love it. Slightly big on me, though, so I don't wear it as much as I could.
  7. i have everyone said, if your hand is a bit large, it may be difficult getting on. but i swear either my hands shrunk, or my new gold bracelet is larger than my silver one...i can slide the gold one on much easier.
  8. They are really pretty but I had to return my signature 1/2" silver one because it was too big - every time I hung my arm down, it would all but slip right off. I didnt take it back for the longest time because I wanted to make it work, but in the end I was afraid it would just fall off and get lost.