1. Can one be worn at a time and be OK, or a fashion faux pas? :amuse:
  2. I don't believe in strict "rules" for wearing jewelry. Some people like to match their earrings, necklace, and bracelet and others hate it. I have a bangle that I made and I wear it alone all the time. It's a little chunkier than most bangles so I think wearing anything else w/ it would be overkill.

    I say if you like the way it looks go for it! :smile:
  3. Yeah, I think wearing one at a time is okay. Just as long as it's not a super skinny one that's going to look funny all by itself.
  4. I have a narrow enamel Hermes bangle that I wear by itself all the time. I think it looks fine.
  5. I have a beautiful jade bangle bracelet that my BF bought me while in Singapore. I wear it by itself all the time during the summer. I wear it higher up on my arm, right below my elbow.
  6. I have gold bangles that I wear all the time. I love the feel of them and I always get compliements. I also like to make noise lol!
  7. One bangle is fine...prefer if it is chunky, but there are no rules!
  8. Sure!
  9. i think they're super-chte!
    i always wear at least one:yes:
  10. I have a purple Jade bangle as well... i wear it all the time as i cant get it off... lol the little Vietnamese lady that i bought it from in Vietnam nearly broke my hand trying to put it on, so that sucker aint ever coming off... lucky for me its pretty subtle...
  11. I agree.. I have some really narrow sterling silver bangles and I feel weird just wearing one by itself so I wear all three. Chunkier ones look fine by themselves though.
  12. While I'm sure very painful :blink:, that must have been a funny scene... :smile:
  13. Oy vay ... I get teased about the number of bangles that I wear on both arms (my colleagues hear me coming from a mile away ... :lol: ).

    Let's see ... on my left arm, I'm usually wearing:
    1. Two - 24k Yellow Gold "Masai" Bracelets
    2. Three - Ippolita 18k/Diamond "Star" Bracelets
    3. Two - 22k/Diamonds Linda Lee Johnson Bangles
    4. One - 18k/Turquoise David Yurman "Orbit" Bangle
    5. One - 18k/2.5+ ct Diamond Bangle Bracelet
    6. Three - 18k Me + Ro "bead" bracelets (Turquoise beads, Coral Beads, Pearl Seed beads)
    7. One - 18k & Turquoise "Evil Eye" Link Bracelet
    8. One - 22k/Turquoise Beads Reinstein Ross Link Bracelet
    9. One - 18k Skull Heads Luis Morais Cuff
    10. One - 18k Link Bracelet w/ Heart and "floating" Diamonds
    On my left arm:
    1. David Yurman - S/S & 18K, Turquoise & Pink Tourmaline 10mm Renaissance Cuff Bracelet
    2. Two - Platinum & Rose Cut Diamonds Bangle Bracelets (Malcolm Betts)
    3. One - 18k/Diamonds Bead Bracelet (Devon Page McCleary) w/ various Diamond "charms" (Reinstein-Ross)
    ... I have many more, I just don't have enough room on my arms :lol: :lol: :lol: !!
  14. hmmm...I wear a single 7mm Yurman bangle on my right wrist very often.

    When I first bought it I intended to double it up with another 7mm but I never did fall in love with another of his. And once I got used to this look I prefer it. I think there is such a thing as too much jewelry. And I find the sound of tinkling jewelry distracting - I'm afraid my male colleagues would find it unprofessional.

    I wear a single (5-7mm) bracelet on each wrist and a watch on the left in addition. I wear only one ring at a time. If I decide to try a larger stone I wear it instead of my wedding set. :amazed: Last, one necklace with a high drop...nothing No earrings.

    That's how I make it work in a very 'non-bling' conservative work setting.
  15. Wow! You make music wherever you go ;) !