bangle question

  1. so i'm thinking about getting my first h bracelet. i tried some on at the store yesterday. it stinks that there's no mm because the gm is HUGE on me and the pm, while it fits, is hard to get on and off. and then in the clic clacs i think i'm a gm. anyone else have this problem or am i a freak?

    anyway i am in contact with a bracelet seller and the question is this: do you like the caleche designs or are they too simple? for your first would you get a more intricate design? i am so torn and this may be my only one so i want to chose right.

    thanks :smile:
  2. Do you have a pic? Will you wear w/ a scarf/H bag or on its own?
  3. Yes, a pic please.
  4. i don't know socal. what's too much?
  5. Oh, I like that H! It's NOT going to be your only one! What about the Tulip one?
  6. I like the simplicity of the style. It is very beautiful!
  7. she doesn't have it. i'm waiting to hear from the store but i am not too hopeful as it's such a old design.
  8. Sorry, bit confused now... you are waiting to hear about the Tulip one? Which color did you decide on? Let's call KOP (they are open right now) and Waikiki in the morning (they do seem to have a nice stock of the 'older' designs.
  9. ooh can you pm me the KOP number or maybe call for me? lol.

    here's the story- i asked the sa at our alaska store to check for the tulip in gold in pm for me. she didn't seem very hopeful.

    there's an eBay seller who i've been writing too who's been checking her inventory for me to see what she has in my size. she found the caleche in 3 colors but in gm and is checking what designs she has in pm and will tell me tomorrow. i'm just trying to decide if i want a calache or a real design design. kwim?
  10. I LOVE the H bangles, I wear them more than most other items, they are great value per wear for me. I wear very plain, monochromatic clothes, black mostly so my bangles add a welcome splash of colour. I have the wide tohu bohu design - bright coliurs on a black background and the stripey 'karyot' bangle in sepia not sure how you spell that one. The tohu bohu always attracts comments (nice ones!)

    So I would suggest, go for the opposite of how you dress so they are not competeing with your clothes ie bright clothes - plain bangle and vice versa.

    I have the pm size and like you, they fit great on, but it's a bit of a squeeze getting them on and off and the gm is way too bag. I would say get the pm, you only have 'the sqeeze' twice a day, once on, once off and I read a tip here on tPF about having a tube cut from nylon tights (pantyhose?) and if you wear this on your hand, the bangle glides over no problem, you could keep it in the bangle box, perhaps.
  11. rules... I am just quite sensitive to feeling "branded"... My own rule (e.g. comfort zone) seems to be max of three items "identifiable" as H...two would be my bag and belt...the third varies somewhat...lately, a bracelet... That said...I count multiple bracelets as "one"...I like to layer them...

    Are you really thinking ONE??? I ask because I know you are a scarf is nice to have one if you can have one... I find it sometimes overwhelming to be interested in too many H "categories"...LOL...I have downsized a bit... Only ONE more accessory for me (I stopped thinking about colors in my bag)...perhaps a bracelet or two...perhaps a scarf at somepoint if the "perfect" one ever appears...going to focus on bag dreams for a time...

    Sorry...long response...
  12. calling them...
  13. thanks rose! brb
  14. socal- well i can't afford a bag so for right now it's jewlery or scarves only for me (and my belt. woot!). i am not really a jewlery person. it takes nearly everything in me to put on my hoops and watch every day. i only JUST started wearing a watch because my mom bought me a fab gucci one in october. so i think 1 bangle or bracelet is enough because i'm afraid i'll never wear it and it will be a waste. kwim? and i would probably only wear 2 things at once- like the belt and scarf or scarf and bangle. too many accessories and my head swims. lol. and i just plain dont have time in the morning to think.